Family Act: what the package provides in support of families

The Family Act has finally been approved, the bill wanted and drafted by the Minister of the Family Elena Bonetti. A text containing eight articles that aims to give support to families, on which the epidemic has had a considerable impact. Among the benefits provided by the document, a universal allowance for children, discounts on kindergartens, parental leave and much more. Let's see in more detail how the government will take care of all the needs a family has to meet.

Universal child allowance:

This is an allowance that is paid monthly to families from the seventh month of pregnancy up to the eighteenth year of age of all children; there is no age limit, however, in the case of children with disabilities. The amount will be increased by 20% for children subsequent to the firstborn. The money paid consists of a minimum amount for all families (with one or more dependent children) to which a fee will be added based on the Isee indicator. This allowance will not affect the calculation of family income. The government is now committed to working on a legislative decree introducing this form of economic subsistence by November 30, 2020.

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Discounts on kindergartens:

The bill ensures a voucher for the payment of the fees for nursery schools, micronids, spring section and kindergartens.

Discounts for young couples:

With the approval of the Family Act, the government is helping young couples whose members are under the age of 35, granting them tax breaks for the rent of their first home.

School expenses:

Tax deductions are foreseen for the purchase of university books for each adult dependent child who does not benefit from other forms of financial support, for participation in school trips, for registration or subscription to sports associations or language and art courses and music.

Parental leave:

The Bill has established that, for each child, parental leave will be guaranteed for a minimum period of not less than two months, not transferable to the other parent. Furthermore, the working father can take advantage of a compulsory leave of no less than 10 working days in the first months of the child's birth; all working parents will be able to use this permit regardless of their marital or family status. Finally, both parents will be granted a paid leave, of at least 5 hours over a school year, to participate in interviews with teachers.

Incentives for working mothers:

To support working mothers, often abandoned by institutions and forced to choose between family and career, the Family Act package will introduce a supplementary allowance of 30% of the salary that will be paid by INPS for the period of return to work after compulsory leave. . This is a support designed "to encourage the work of mothers and the harmonization of times".

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