10 tips to prevent that peckishness

1) Follow the rule of 3

What is it about the rule of 3?

3 full meals per day, divided into 3 stages. Example:

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- breakfast: cereals, a dairy product, some fruit.

- lunch and dinner: appetizer, first or second course, dessert.

2) Eat calmly

If you eat too quickly you will not feel full: it takes 20 minutes for the stomach to send a signal of satiety. When you eat you don't have to engage in other activities, focus on what you eat, savor food e chew long.

3) Drink often ...

... ofwater (at least 1.5 liters per day), better a water rich in magnesium, which makes you lose your appetite.

… from the herbal teas based on algae and above all of sea ​​oak, because this plant swells in contact with water and fills the stomach.

… from the soft drinks carbonated light, in small sips.

4) Multiply your meals

Make one snack it is not like eating between meals, on the contrary, it is useful for calm hunger and to avoid bingeing at lunch or dinner. But beware, the snack must be light: a fruit and a yogurt are enough!

5) Keep an eye on the glycemic index (GI) of foods

The glycemic index refers to foods that contain gods carbohydrates. If the index is higher than 50, the food is hyperglycemic since it causes a secretion of insulin too important and promotes the accumulation of glucose in the form of fat. If the GI is low, the spread of carbohydrates in the blood is slow and the feeling of hunger makes itself felt later.

Here is the glycemic index of some foods:

French fries: 95
Raisins: 65
Banana: 60
Spaghetti al dente: 40
Peanut butter (no added sugar): 40
Dried figs: 35
Green beans: 30
Dark chocolate: 25

Good to know: the cooking way affects the glycemic index of foods. The GI for quick-cooking rice is 85, while for Basmati rice it is limited to 50.

6) Make use of whole foods

Cereals, bread, pasta, rice… when they are integral they are rich in fiber, vitamins And mineral salts, Furthermore satiate more and they are less caloric than food "Classics" (White bread…).

7) Eat vegetables at the beginning of the meal

The fibers contained in the vegetable, too bulky and complex, are not immediately assimilated by the body. If you take them at the beginning of the meal, the feeling of satiety will manifest itself more quickly and more a long.

8) Calm hunger with fruit

The apple is one good ally: is rich in pectin, a fiber that swells in contact with water and therefore fills the stomach. Be careful though, an apple cannot replace a meal.

9) Think of something else!

Breathe a relaxing scent on a handkerchief will calm the desire to eat between meals. Choose a different scent from what you put.

10) Sleep!

A 2004 American study showed that sleep has an impact on weight gain. There lack of sleep decreases the production of leptin (a receptor of satiety generated by the brain) and increases that of ghrelin, which stimulates the appetite.

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