Eliminating rust: some foolproof methods

Rust is one of the most annoying enemies of a clean, shiny home. Yet, it is not the only one: here are some little tips to survive the chores around the house.

You have several options to remove rust from metal surfaces

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Manual method:

1) Scrape the rust with one wire brush or one file, always proceeding in the same direction. For less effort, you can also attach the brush to an electric drill. Then clean the treated surface with a normal brush. To prevent any rust from getting into your eyes, we recommend that you wear protective goggles.

2) Add del salt to some juice of green lemon, pour it on the part rusty and let it act for half an hour, then scrub vigorously with a damp sponge.

Chemical method:

You can also use harsh chemicals. As these products are highly toxic, wear a protective (inhalation) mask, goggles, gloves and a work shirt before handling them.

It starts scraping rust with a wire brush, stain the surface with the trichlorethylene and then applies somehydrochloric acid or sulfuric on the rusty part, helping you with a brush. Leaves to dry as indicated in the package leaflet.

We recommend that you terminate the operation by applying the sodium hydroxide on the treated part, which will prevent the formation of new rust. If you need to repaint the object, choose one anti-rust paint.

Rust on garden or DIY tools

If the blade has rusted, scrape it with some sand paper medium grain. You can even to put the tools in the bathroom in Cgoose Cola, which is also very effective in preventing the formation of new rust. When you are finished, grease the tool with del lubricant spray. To prevent your tools from rusting again, put a chalk or moth ball in your toolbox.

Rust on stainless steel

Kitchen utensils can also rust. In this case, take a piece of aluminum foil, roll it around your finger and rub the rusty part.

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Rust on plastic or PVC

The plastic floor

It is not difficult to get rid of the rust that has formed on a plastic floor: put a few drops of ether or flammable alcohol on a rag and wipe.


Eliminating rust from PVC is a little more difficult. Self did not hurt the protective film, you can remove it with the help of a cloth and a generic cleaning product. If, on the other hand, the rust has nicked the plastic, apply a solvent for PVC with a brush and rinse thoroughly.

Traces of rust on carpet or fabrics

As with metal surfaces, you can pour a few drops of green lemon and salt (it all depends on the stain). Do not forget to rinse well or to put it all in washing machine.

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Good to know

The ideal would be prevent the formation of new rust.

Always apply some paint or of the anti-rust lacquer on metal surfaces. As for the iron objects, we advise you to wash them, dry them and lubricate them after each use.

Attention! There trichlorethylene is an extremely corrosive chemical product, therefore it must be handled with caution - protecting the face, hands and body - and stored in a ventilated place, at a temperature between 15 ° and 25 °.

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