Does eliminating gluten make you lose weight? Here's what the experts tell us!

Coinciding with the arrival of summer, the theme of diets is always at the center of passionate and engaging conversations, especially from the female audience. Among the numerous proposals that have appeared on the net, we are struck by the suggestion of multiple sites and users who recommend eliminating gluten from your diet to obtain the desired beneficial effect on your line. In fact, according to a widespread opinion, excluding gluten would allow you to lose weight. We decided to clarify our ideas a little by talking about them with our ambassador Carla Medda of La torre di Cotone who enthusiastically joined the AIDEPI awareness campaign, aimed at investigating false food myths on the web and guaranteeing correct information in the nutritional field. .

Let's start by clarifying some basic concepts, useful for understanding and orienting oneself on gluten, a question that is very omnipresent and current today.

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What is gluten?

Gluten is a lipoprotein substance generated by the union of two proteins contained in many cereals, water and kinetic force. It is thanks to gluten that the flours are able to absorb further water, becoming so viscous and elastic as to withstand cooking without breaking.

What is celiac disease?

Celiac disease is one of the autoimmune genetic diseases and, in particular, it triggers antibodies present in the small intestine following the intake of gluten. A diagnosis that confirms or denies the presence of the disease is obtained only through specific blood tests. It is really important not to rely on "do it yourself" diets to avoid decompensation, malnutrition problems or the reappearance of celiac disease symptoms.

What about gluten sensitivity?

On the other hand, all those cases in which the symptoms of celiac disease are accused, even if there is neither intestinal inflammation nor antibodies in the blood, fall within the sensitivity to gluten. Not being able to rely (in these cases) on tests and scientific evidence, experts are much debated on the existence or otherwise of gluten sensitivity from a medical point of view. The various myths about the alleged danger of gluten originate from here.

What do the experts tell us about gluten?

It is Prof.Luca Piretta, physician-surgeon specializing in gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy as well as specialist in the science of human nutrition, to provide us with a scientific answer that helps us to reveal the false myth about gluten. Among the topics addressed, the expert deals with the issue of calorie intake related to gluten-free diets. Would you like to know more? Click here to read the opinion of Dr. Piretta.

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