The kitchen appliances you need every day

Your kitchen is a fundamental part of your home. But are you sure you have thought of everything to equip it with everything you need? Between a thousand commitments, little time available and a thousand needs, you will need specific devices to save time and optimize results.
We have decided to suggest the best purchases for your kitchen to eliminate the effort and let the machines work for you!

The juicer

If you are a big fan of fruits, especially citrus fruits, and if you love their fresh juice, then you need this juicer. Thanks to its articulated arm and anti-drip system, this juicer will become the best ally of your mornings to fill up on vitamins. Made of stainless steel, it is very sturdy and won't let you down. The big advantage is that you can clean it easily and it also goes in the dishwasher since it is removable. If you don't have time, this robot will bring you some sweetness every morning.

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The planetary

If the most famous robots are still out of your budget, discover with us this Cookmii pastry robot that will help you prepare dough for bread, shortcrust pastry or puff pastry, perfectly whipped whites and many other recipes. With 1800 watts of power and a 6.5 liter capacity, it's perfect for larger families. If you are fussy, know that the device can knead the dough continuously for 30 minutes. No need to make any effort, it takes care of everything. Since it is removable, every accessory is dishwasher safe! If you're not exactly a talent in the kitchen, don't panic, the machine will stop by itself if it overheats. Very aesthetic, it will offer a modern touch to your kitchen.

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The Nespresso coffee machine

What would a kitchen be without a coffee machine worthy of the name? That's why we chose this Nespresso coffee machine because the brand once again meets our expectations. Small and easy to use, it is perfect for singles, couples, small and large families. In short, everyone can have fun! With a capacity of 10 cups, offer a good coffee to all your guests in seconds! Adored by consumers, semi-automatic, you will understand how it works the first time you use it. The big plus, the delicious taste of Nespresso coffees.

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The kettle

To save time in the kitchen and have hot drinks in seconds, nothing beats a good kettle. We have selected the Aigostar kettle with its beautiful design, which will complement your kitchen as well as being very functional. In fact, the LED light turns on as soon as the machine is turned on. It is impossible not to know if it is working or not. With its 1.7 liter capacity, it heats a large amount of water very quickly to meet your needs. The glass tank as a sign of strength, offers excellent value for money. The cable is inserted into the base for a easy storage and optimization of your space.

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The Cookeo

And finally, complete our selection of appliances the incredible Cookeo by Moulinex, the must of the moment. If you are an amateur in the kitchen or if you already have recipes that succeed perfectly, Cookeo will serve you anyway. Are you still wondering why? simple, he takes care of everything, for successful dishes. He chooses the cooking time and method, explains the ingredients to be integrated and their quantity, even offers menus! Just click on the ingredient on Cookeo to cook to perfection . More than 100 recipes are programmed and do not hesitate to integrate yours. You will certainly not regret your purchase and you will not be able to do without it once you have purchased it.

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