From London to Milan: the Edward Cutler Gallery opens

The director and founder, the thirty-year-old Edward Cutler, was a schoolmate of Prince William in Eton and is in love with Italy and Milan (it is no coincidence that he is also married to an Italian).

The gallery will open with an exhibition entitled "New Arrivals", bringing new works by five English artists to the Milanese city: Andrew Gifford, Alex Virji, Andy Harper, Barry Mcglashan and Neale Howells.

The Edward Cutler Gallery will operate in association with the John Martin Gallery of

London and with Marc de Puechredon of Zurich with the aim of introducing some of the most popular and successful artists of the galleries in London and Zurich, but also to exhibit for the first time a new generation of artists discovered by the same young gallery owner .

Edward Cutler previously directed two contemporary art galleries in London, and previously worked at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Venice Biennale.

This year he decided to move to Italy with the whole family: "I didn't think twice about the idea of ​​moving to Milan. I am proud to contribute to the" enrichment of the already so vibrant and varied Milanese international scene ".

"In Milan I immediately perceived a" positive energy, here you breathe an "international air", says the gallery owner, "much more than I ever expected, being however" spoiled "by the" abundance of talents and diversity typical of London " .

To follow the events and exhibitions of the gallery, you can visit the website

The gallery will be open to the public from April 1st (Monday-Friday 10.30am-7pm and Saturday by appointment).

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