Sleeping embraced: the benefits and positions of a happy couple

Every moment is precious in a couple's life. From when you wake up in the morning for breakfast to when you go to bed to sleep. In particular, for this circumstance, many partners love to fall asleep hugging each other, but perhaps not everyone knows that this gesture can say a lot about a relationship. In fact, couples who sleep together and who choose physical contact not only have a more satisfying love story than the others, but the positions they take during the night become an indication of their complicity as a couple.

Science says it: sleeping embraced is good for you

Sleeping embraced is not only a demonstration of affection, which can also be an indication of the level of complicity of the couple. In fact, according to a study by the University of Hertfordshire, sleeping embraced to your partner is good for the mental health and life of the two lovers. Those who sleep like this find their relationship fulfilling and are happy with their sentimental sphere. Furthermore, the presence and physical contact with someone during the night causes the level of oxytocin in the body to rise. It is the famous hormone of happiness and love, the production of which immediately brings a feeling of psychic well-being. With the increase of oxytocin, the level of cortisol is lowered, which, on the other hand, is responsible for anxiety and stress and which can lead to more or less serious physical ailments, such as those related to the thyroid gland or related to the stomach and intestines.

Obviously, not all couples, even if they are happy with their relationship, are able to sleep embraced throughout the night. According to the scientific study, this would happen when the two partners have just finished making love or following a moment of particular happiness. The important thing is that they hug each other before falling asleep, to transmit security and affection to the other person.

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The positions for sleeping embraced

Very often it is thought that sleeping together is, in general, an indication of a good relationship as a couple and an excellent level of complicity. In fact, that's not always true. In fact, what signals if one is a happy and harmonious relationship are the positions that the two partners take just before falling asleep.

Sleeping "spoon"

It is probably one of the most famous positions when it comes to sleeping hugged. The British differentiate who they embrace, defining them "big spoon", by whom it is embraced, or the"little spoon", Usually the partner who holds the other in his arms and the one who wants to give a feeling of protection and security, while the other person tends to be the most needy of the couple. All this does not mean that the roles cannot be overturned. and that, sometimes, it is the "big spoon" who needs affection and reassurance the most.

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Sleeping curled up

This position consists of a partner lying on his back and the other with his face over his chest, while both hug each other in their sleep. Those who sleep like this are certainly a couple with great complicity and strong mental and physical harmony. At the base, in fact , there will not only be a "sexual attraction, but also a sincere and deep love.

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Sleeping "intertwined"

When the two partners are both on one side and intertwine legs and arms, holding each other tightly. As in the case of squatting, the "intertwined" sleeping position also denotes a strong connection on a physical and emotional level at the level of the couple. The only difference is that in this case there could be a sometimes negative implication. In fact, always sleeping so tightly together can denote an excessive attachment between the two partners, similar to mutual jealousy and emotional dependence.

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Sleeping back to back

In this case it is not a question of sleeping embraced, but of sleeping together. Partners do not hug each other, but usually hold their respective pillows in their arms. However, there is no lack of physical contact, which takes place at the level of the back. Among all the positions, this denotes an undeniable couple stability, probably made this way by years and years of relationship and well-tested habits. The two lovers know they can always rely on each other, but they understand their respective needs for independence.

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Sleeping far apart

It can happen that you find yourself separated from your partner during the night, but you have to understand why this happens. If before falling asleep, the couple spent a few pleasant minutes, sharing episodes that occurred during the day or even just cuddling and caressing, then sleeping far away can simply be the sign of a mature and stable relationship, without any morbid attachment. Otherwise, if the two partners were cold and aloof as soon as they got into bed, then this position becomes a serious wake-up call for a relationship crisis.

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For singles: sleep hugging the pillow

Very often sleeping embraced to someone or something seems almost a necessity. If you do not spend the night with another person, it often happens that you hug your pillow and, just like the positions we have already talked about, this gesture also reveals some information about us. Normally, when you sleep in a fetal position and clinging to the pillow, it is a sign of an unconscious return to the womb. It reveals the need for affection, protection and security, as if that object became a sort of shield from nightmares or the problems of everyday life.