The woman who eats is happier, and the reason is deeper than expected!

Women and food: a combination that can make a man happy, but that does not always make a woman happy. This is because many of us have difficulty in accepting ourselves and develop a series of problems with nutrition. On food we unload paranoia, frustration, addictions and delusions of control.
The woman who eats, however, the one defined as happy eater, who eats without hesitation, is the woman who eats with satisfaction, the one who has no problems with food, who does not gorge herself but eats with gusto and who is comfortable with herself. This type of woman will love this video:

Because those who know how to eat are happier

Because knowing how to eat means primarily know how to respect. Being able to control yourself when necessary, letting go when you want, satisfy cravings, take care of yourself. Knowing how to eat means appreciating the finer things in life and being happy to eat, without guilt, frustration and the rising need to question oneself. Knowing how to eat is also accepting oneself. For this reason, those who eat with appetite, tranquility, in abundance but without excesses, are people who have recognized themselves for who they are and who know that women can have different shapes and sizes and this is not a problem, but a form of pride: being imperfect is a reason for well-being.

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What does it mean to know how to "eat well"

But what does it mean to know how to eat precisely? To start with the basics: never skip meals and snacks. Follow a healthy and balanced diet, which allows, indeed provides, to be able to feel free from time to time, with friends or in moments of conviviality, to eat abundantly and without hesitation and above all to eat a little of everything. From a study it would appear that those who have a good relationship with food have never been on a diet before the age of 20 and do not make this habit a lifestyle. Knowing how to eat therefore means not being obsessed with food and diets. Last but not least knowing how to eat means being happy to do it, without ifs and buts and with few worries.

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