What are the different types of teapots?

Tea is a sacred drink for thousands of people and is widely consumed in all cultures.
Recognized and appreciated for its many virtues, this drink is a real ritual.
Not only are there many different types and tastes of tea, but also many models of teapots.
Here is our buying guide for your new teapot!

Selection criteria

Choosing a teapot will require some tinkering.
There are several criteria to consider: first, the production material: cast iron, terracotta or porcelain.
The choice of material is important for the preservation of heat.
Secondly, the size of the teapot, to consider if you intend to enjoy your tea alone or with friends.
Last but not least, the design. Here are our favorite models!

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1. Classic teapots

Cast iron, terracotta, porcelain ....
There is a wide range of models. If you have more traditional tastes, your choice will be oriented towards a classic model. Cast iron, earthenware, porcelain or stainless steel, each teapot has its advantages!

TheKitchenette cast iron teapot

© TheKitchenette / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 26.22

The cast iron teapot will particularly appeal to purists. This is the most traditional teapot. This model of TheKitchenette is heavily inspired by Japanese art. The cast iron models have the advantage of lasting over time and retain heat. There is an enameled interior to withstand the wear of time and rust. The cast iron teapot allows to prepare intense teas that require a long infusion.
We really like this Japanese-inspired model and its particular design that makes it a unique piece and will certainly make its little effect at tea time!

Porcelain teapot: Maxwell & Williams

© Maxwell & Williams / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 32.27

I can't think of the tea set without imagining the porcelain of the aunt or inherited from the great-grandmother ... But the porcelain teapot is not necessarily synonymous with obsolete! The proof is this Maxwell & Williams model.
This beautiful teapot seduces us with its particularly modern design. Equipped with a flip-top lid and a removable metal tea strainer, porcelain instantly becomes current!

Stainless steel teapot

© VonShef / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 26.99

The VonShef teapot will accompany you in the preparation of your delicious infusions.
Its high quality stainless steel, retains heat and withstands very high temperatures.
We love its original design, its round and generous shapes and its ergonomic handle. It is designed in such a way that the brew basket fits snugly into the center of the pot and that the brew fits better with the entire beverage.

2. Piston teapots

© Bodum / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 74.95

This type of teapot is used with both leaves and sachets. The tea is put on the bottom of the filter and the water is poured over it, at which point all that remains is to place the plunger and leave the tea to infuse. Once the brewing time has elapsed, just push the plunger down.
In this category, Bodum is recognized for its indisputable know-how. The Eileen teapot with piston is the top model in its category. We immediately notice its unique design, a mix of glass and stainless steel that protects the teapot from unpredictable bumps. This little wonder is equipped with a large filter that allows you to capture all the aromas. Once the desired degree of infusion is reached, simply press the plunger to stop the infusion and imprison the tea leaves at the same time. Easy, right?

3. Electric teapot

© Tefal / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 64.99

For many, making tea is a true ritual that can only be prepared with a traditional teapot. For others, the electric teapot is a very practical little revolution! It must be said that the contemporary model of the teapot has many advantages.
In fact, you can for example choose the heating temperature, you can also keep the drink hot for a long time.
This Tefal electric teapot has its own wireless brewing system and is equipped with an intelligent timer and automatic shut-off, ready to offer you a delicious hot tea.

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