The average penis size and ... how to make it bigger!

The size of the penis seems to influence a man's personality: the bigger he is, the more virile he feels. Since adolescence, boys have watched porn movies in which the actors are particularly gifted, thus convincing themselves that the average size is around 22 cm. Even later, in adulthood, men tend to make comparisons with other men, in the locker room at the gym for example, to verify that they are not different from others. And they also have another fear: not being able to satisfy women. Although we women may have preferences regarding shapes, colors and sizes, we must admit that we make the final evaluation taking into consideration many factors. And never forgetting all the benefits we can have from making love:

Penis Size: How Much Does It Matter?

Size isn't everything
Since our erogenous zones are not located exclusively in the vagina, men can rest assured: it is not just the size that determines the intensity of our pleasure. Caresses, tenderness and willingness to listen are factors of fundamental importance. Especially the latter: learning to share hidden desires and pleasures is one of the most important secrets for a serene and satisfying sexuality, more than many centimeters or unlikely thicknesses. depth of our vagina is 7-9 cm although, being very elastic, it can still adapt to the various dimensions of the penis. The diameter of the penis, in fact, has equal importance to the length, both for men and for women

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    The average length of the penis

    The numbers
    To measure the size of the penis, one should not consider it in a resting situation but serene sexual intercourse with a penis that is too ... long! We have suggestions:

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    Remember that when he is very gifted, it is essential to be well lubricated.
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    A curiosity about the very large penis
    Having big sex isn't a symbol of manhood everywhere. In some Amerindian tribes, social status is still dictated by the size of sex - the smaller it is, the more important you are. In fact, no studies prove that nationality and ethnicity influence penis size, although common averages have been found depending on geographic origin.
    It seems that the longest penis in the world was 34.5 cm, which is as long as a 1.5 liter bottle of Pepsi or Coke.

    How to lengthen or enlarge the penis

    The operations of increasing the size
    It should be known that interventions to increase the size of the penis never increase its size in erection, indeed, a loss of erectile elevation must be expected. At best, men gain a few centimeters with their penis at rest. Penis extenders or pills made from exotic plants to lengthen the penis exist, but nothing guarantees the result. Indeed, never take any initiative in this regard if you do not have precise instructions from the doctor.
    There are some exercises that strengthen the muscles of the penis, especially the pelvic one, which brings general benefits to the entire male genital system.
    One of these exercises is that of Kegel, also very useful for women, and very simple to do. It focuses on the pelvic muscles, strengthening them and also preventing possible incontinence problems. Specifically, it involves contracting the pelvic muscles for 8-10 seconds and releasing them for the same amount of time, for a maximum of 10 repetitions. Practicing these exercises frequently is a lifesaver!
    Another "functional" technique for penis lengthening is that of Jelqing, a kind of massage to be done with the semi-erect and pre-heated penis, which helps to reactivate blood circulation. Even if it seems funny, another technique is that of stretching. Once you have done a bit of warming up, always useful for circulation and to avoid problems of any kind, you will need to hold the glans between thumb and forefinger and gently stretch the penis to about 2 minutes.
    Consistency, as with all exercises in the world, is a key thing when you have a goal like this.

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    What sexual positions to prefer if you have a small penis

    If your partner has a small penis, no problem, fortunately the Kamasutra and the imagination provide us with a series of positions perfect for this eventuality. On the other hand, we know, knowing how to use it is one of the factors that contribute significantly to the success of a love session. Which positions should you prefer, then? Those in which the penetration is greater, in order to make up for any shortcomings in terms of centimeters. Do not be afraid, they will not always be the same positions, and above all they will be simple and achievable Kamasutra positions, which do not require any particular athletic training. You know, for example, the spoon? Here, let's talk about this kind of positions in which two bodies are able to merge in a more complete and complex way. In short, equip yourself with pillows, beds, high heels and a great desire to experiment. Meanwhile, here are our proposals for your hot evening, regardless of size!

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