Blood type diet: how to lose weight with the right foods

Have you had enough of diets that do not give the desired results and that make you regain the lost pounds immediately? We have identified the right solution to find the most suitable diet for your body and lose weight naturally, without the dreaded yo-yo effect. So how to do it? Simple, just rely on the blood type diet. It is a diet conceived by the mind of Doctor Peter D "Adamo, naturopath of the" 80s, and recently returned to the limelight thanks to Doctor Piero Mozzi, which allows you to regain fitness and fight stress by choosing a diet based on own blood group. In this diet, it is therefore essential to discover the best foods for each of the four blood groups - 0, a, b, and ab - and the foods to avoid to facilitate easy weight loss and maintain your weight for longer.

The blood group diet and Dr. Mozzi's theories on food combinations

If these food theories date back decades, it is also true that they have undergone a "decisive surge thanks to Dr. Mozzi, whose book"Dr. Mozzi's diet. Blood groups and food combinations"It is now well known thanks to the promotion that Dr. Mozzi himself has made of it in many television broadcasts. It is not new - as is often the case with diets - that this diet is considered by many to be a hoax; alongside this mistrust, however, there are opinions and positive opinions that see in a diet based on the blood type an essential starting point to lose weight easily and keep fit without too much effort.

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Remember to accompany with healthy exercise!

Always remember to accompany any type of diet you want to follow, with healthy physical exercise. It is a cure-all for body and mind that allows you to facilitate the weight loss process and to obtain from it also in terms of psychological and inner well-being. Here, for example, is a video for abdominal crunches indicated for sculpting the abs and showing off a flat stomach!

Best and worst foods for blood type 0

The most suitable food for those belonging to blood group 0 is red meat - it can be consumed from 100 to 180 grams 6 or 8 times a week. It would be better to choose the meat of animals fed with natural foods (grass, cereals ..), as they have a higher percentage of omega 3, even compared to fish.

Also, if you belong to this blood group, you shouldn't neglect vegetables: remember, for example, that a plate of cabbage contains the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk. It would be good to include these foods in every meal, while for a snack you can opt for seeds and oily foods. If you are a fruit lover because you like sweet foods, try to limit the quantities, because your body tends to store sugars excessively. The same goes for cereals and cow's milk based dairy products. If you want to lose weight or if you simply want to maintain your ideal weight, do not overdo the quantities of sugar and dairy products consumed, preferring instead foods that speed up the metabolism.

Tips to lose weight quickly
Considering that you digest food rather slowly, try to combine your diet with an endurance sport, in order to speed up your metabolism and facilitate faster weight loss. Walking and swimming will be your best allies!

Foods for blood group A

Those belonging to this blood group - who are particularly affected by stress - would do well to avoid products of animal origin: meat, cow's milk and eggs are not in fact among the most suitable foods for those who belong to blood group a. However, we cannot nourish ourselves exclusively with products of vegetable origin, as our body also needs a certain amount of protein; to replace meat and dairy products - and consequently proteins and amino acids - those belonging to this blood group will have to fall back on vegetables, legumes and cereals. But also the fish; one of the most suitable foods in this sense is salmon: being very fat, it guarantees the right protein requirement.

As we said, even vegetables are foods rich in proteins: it is therefore good to opt for dried legumes, the products obtained from the fermentation of soy - such as tofu - seeds, oily foods, cereals, fruit and of course vegetables, which you can eat at will. .

Tips to lose weight quickly
Combine this diet with relaxation methods to learn how to eliminate the stress of everyday life. Yoga, pilates, tai chi and meditation are in fact among the most suitable sports disciplines for those belonging to blood group a.

Blood group B: the most suitable diet

Unlike the other blood groups, the members of group B tolerate lactose, and can therefore consume dairy products without any fear. However, do not overdo it with fatty cheeses: your body would not be able to dispose of them and by consuming too many, you could risk gaining weight. Your body in general tolerates any type of food: meat, fish, dairy products, legume-based foods, oily foods, cereals, fruit and vegetables. However, try to avoid chicken which is the only food you can't digest easily.

Tips to lose weight quickly
Being sensitive to stress - like the previous blood type - make sure you include a good percentage of vitamins in every meal, with vegetables and grains. However, avoid combining them in the same meal.

The right nutrition for the AB blood type

Like the previous group, you are quite omnivorous, even if you have to be careful of some food that you find it more difficult to digest and assimilate. Choose easy-to-digest proteins such as legume, soy or fish based foods; reduce the consumption of fatty meat and dairy products, simply opting for foods with lactic ferments. Also try to eat vegetables often.

Tips to lose weight quickly
If you want to lose weight quickly, eliminate wheat from your daily diet and opt for the other cereals. Also try to have regular meals: it is better to eat less and often. Also, to lose weight more quickly, eat plenty of fruit and slimming seaweed - such as Kelp, rich in iodine and effective in weight loss diets.

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