The way you shave your crotch reveals something about your personality

nIn terms of intimate hair removal, the choice is wide: not only are we free to choose the method that is most congenial to us (from Arab waxing, to hair removal, cream, razor and so on), but we are also free to choose the shape and color that are more congenial to us. In short, how we shave says something about us exactly how and how much the clothes, underwear, and haircuts we decide to show off. Before discovering what your way of shaving communicates, we will reveal a trick for waxing you do- at your place:

1. How mom made me

Many wonder if men prefer a shaved or more natural vagina, in short, wild. But what does the decision to leave the wood and the forest intact say about you? You are an instinctive person, who loves freedom and respects others a lot. You seem like a very confident person, but when someone tries to dig deeper, you lock yourself up and it takes time to get to know and conquer you. Your gift: goodness.

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2. Back to the origins

The choice to resort to total hair removal is common for many women. If you are a total nude, then you have a strong and determined character. When you want something you go and get it without ifs and buts, but this can sometimes lead to hurt the feelings of others and to neglect those you love. Those who know you accept you as you are, but conquering yourself is not easy. But once you understand how to take yourself, stealing your heart is very simple. Your gift: safety.

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3. The triangle yes

You enter the passion for geometry. The triangle is only one of the many geometric options to be associated with hair removal, but also the best known and most common. Not only because the vagina is often represented as such, but also to leave some adult hair and then clean up the basement. If you are a fan of the triangle you are a rational person, basically habitual and apparently calm and calm. But be careful, it is precisely the people who seem most obvious to surprise when we least expect it! Your gift: reliability.

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4. She also smoked a cigar

And speaking of geometric shapes, there is also the famous rectangle. This shape can be wider or narrower (cigar-shaped), and allows the hair to protect not only the upper but also the lower area of ​​your vagina. Those who choose this form have a controlled, staid character. Shyness is a defining trait of your character, but you have learned to manage it and make it a strength. Malice is masked with kindness and you are more of a conqueror than one to whom like to be conquered Your gift: sweetness.

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5. My rainbow

Not only the shapes but also the colors! In fact, some like to experiment, and the "punk" vagina, ie dyed and colored, is also trendy. If you like to experiment with color then you are an outgoing person, a little self-centered, very affectionate and always there for those you love. You can put anyone at ease but be careful not to overdo it because there are those who can be bothered by so much whimsy. . Your gift: expansiveness.

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