Christmas lunch? Here are some original ideas to decorate your table

The color of Christmas is red, everyone knows that. But after years of total red tables, are you tired of the usual tablecloth and the usual dishes?

You still have time to save the Christmas lunch by giving your table a nice makeover, with some precious suggestions.

An excellent alternative to red could be, for example, an elegant mix of white and gold.
Or add some nice themed gadgets to your red tablecloth, to make it more current and fun.

For a well-made table it takes very little: just combine a few elements for a winning result.
In short, the solutions are many, not counting the do-it-yourself!

Get inspired by our ideas and unleash your creativity! Diners will appreciate it 100%!

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First of all: the tablecloth

We offer you two super classic bases to start from: a white tablecloth and a red one.
But you can also use blue or black, if you want to be daring: perfect with gold and silver!

If you don't feel ready for such a radical change yet, you can use runners, placemats that only cover part of the table.
Choose a dark color on a white base and decorate them with gold or silver. You will see what a result!

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A simple but beautiful red tablecloth is the symbol of every Christmas, make it more current and playful with some Christmas-themed gadgets.
It is always a good idea to leave a small gift for the diners. Whether it is a place card, a coaster or a napkin holder.
We offer you a classic and well-finished red tablecloth that should never be missing in the home. also ideal for a fun-filled New Year's Eve!

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Not just at Christmas

If you like gold, you can't do without this complete set of everything: mats, plates, bowls, glasses, cups and cutlery, all in shades of white and gold.
For Christmas they are perfect, but do you want to add the satisfaction of eating your salad in a bag with a golden fork, even for the rest of the year?
For real queens.

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The spirit of Christmas

And by "spirit" we really mean a fun and witty table. Adding Christmas themed place cards or mini Santa hats to put the cutlery inside will give a more playful air to your table decoration.
Here are some very nice ideas to make your guests smile.
They will surely drive the little ones crazy!

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When there are many at the table and the glasses are all the same, it is really difficult to distinguish yours.
Use these place cards made especially for the goblets, each with a different character that your guests are sure to love!
For a toast to the "sign of" happiness!

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The right light

On any self-respecting table, a little light is needed, preferably emanating from candles!
Choose one without smell, an aroma that is too intense could annoy your diners.
A golden, perhaps spherical model is already perfect on its own, but if you prefer you can put it in the center of a beautiful garland!

If you have many guests and your table is very long, you can put more than one (one every four guests is ideal), better if all the same!

If, on the other hand, you prefer smaller candles, you can put them in a special holder perhaps with a nice geometric design, very trendy this year!

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The garlands, in addition to a beautiful decorative object, can become a real pastime for young and old! Also discover how to make them at home, to keep your children busy while you are busy setting the table!
If, on the other hand, you are not suited for DIY, on Amazon there are beautiful ones, ready to be used and embellished your home.

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For such an elegant and refined design it is not essential that it is Christmas.
How about setting the table in black and using these stands for a candlelit dinner?
It will be better than in the restaurant and your sweetie will melt like the wax of a candle with the soft lights!


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