Elliptical exercise bike: here are the best models to train at home!

The elliptical trainer is a machine halfway between the classic bike and the treadmill. Faithful presence in every gym, it allows you to energetically exercise all parts of the body. It is the ideal machine for training in front of our favorite TV series (guaranteed!) Or listening to our favorite playlist.

However, before proceeding with the purchase, it is necessary to ask yourself and answer a few questions:

  • What is my level? Beginner or professional?
  • What kind of resistance to choose? Manual or motorized?
  • Without forgetting to take into account the technical criteria such as weight and size.
  • And finally: how much space do I have at home? What is my budget?

1. Technical criteria of the elliptical bike:

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1.1 Fixed and movable handlebar

Generally, the user has the possibility to transform the movable handlebar into a fixed one. The movable handlebars correspond to the movable arms that accompany the exercise and also allow to train the upper body. Many models allow you to choose between the fixed handlebar and the so-called movable handlebar, offering both. It's up to you whether you want to focus on your lower body, varying the resistance, or just warm up before a weight training session, opting for milder use. In the most successful models, there are also pulse, distance and speed sensors, so you can track your progress and reach your goals.

1.2 Manual magnetic, motorized or electromagnetic braking?

Braking and resistance mainly depend on the use of the bike. For occasional use, a bicycle equipped with manual magnetic braking will suffice. We therefore choose between different resistance levels using a dial. For intensive use, electromagnetic braking is preferable, a more complex coil and magnet system.

1.3 The importance of the inertial wheel

This is one of the most important criteria to consider. The inertial wheel ensures comfortable movements. What to remember: the heavier the wheel, the greater the comfort. For regular use, a large enough inertial wheel guarantees good stability and perfect fluidity of movements, therefore leaving no room for interruptions. Also, make sure you are using a device that can support significant weight. To help you in your sessions, don't hesitate to opt for an elliptical trainer that already offers workout programs.

2. For beginners

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to opt for a basic model, especially if intended for casual use. Make sure, however, that it's quality and doesn't take up too much space.

The criteria to be favored are: an easy-to-use computer with all the important information to organize the training session, wheels to move it when needed, an inertial wheel and a pleasant design!

3. For experts

If you are an avid fitness athlete, opt for a more robust and intelligent model. Don't like the routine? Choose a bike equipped with many pre-set training programs, some of which focus on your heart capacity, enough to improve endurance and train as fully and efficiently as possible.

TecTake elliptical exercise bike: model 1

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Have you always kept a safe distance from the gym but have come to the conclusion that you need to do some healthy movement? Maybe we can find the compromise you were looking for: an elliptical bike. The first on our list is one of the cheapest models on Amazon, but that doesn't imply that the product lacks quality. Easy to assemble, it is the ideal solution for those who want to train directly from home or for those who are new to physical activity. Included with this bike you will also find a computer with which to manage your workout and keep you updated on times, speed, distance and calories. In short, it will be like working out in a sports center, followed by a competent and trusted personal trainer. The structure is sturdy enough to hold up to 100 kg in weight. All you have to do is assemble the tool (it is very simple and fast!) And embark on long and pleasant rides. Your body will feel stronger and leaner in an instant and your mood will also benefit.

If you buy this elliptical bike on Amazon, you can pay for it in installments.

Find out more here: shipping is free!

TecTake elliptical exercise bike: model 2

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To train your strength, endurance, coordination and agility and do it from the comfort of your home, we can only recommend the TecTake elliptical bike. A highly professional product at an extremely affordable price. By choosing this bike among all the elliptical models on the market, you are guaranteed to do a targeted workout being able to choose between 8 different levels of difficulty, adjustable to better suit the needs of each of us. The structure of the tool is stable and robust, synonymous with long life and resistance to time. What struck us most about this exercise bike is undoubtedly the anti-slip profile, the wear-resistant magnetic brake and the PU foam padding the handles are equipped with, for a workout in safety and comfort! Use is simple and immediate, even with regard to the computer that keeps us informed about the duration of the workout, speed, distance, calorie consumption and heart rate. By using this elliptical bike, we will be able to bring significant benefits to the cardiovascular system and to the upper and lower parts of our body, making them more toned than ever!

Even if the price is not too high, you can still pay for the item in installments.

Find out more on Amazon: shipping is free!

Kettler Amos crosstrainer

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Of all the models available on Amazon, Kettler's Amos cross trainer is undoubtedly one of the best reviewed, let's find out why! First of all the price, very competitive and convenient in relation to the guaranteed quality. Thanks to the supplied computer, you can choose from 12 programs during your workout. On this tool it is possible to move smoothly and naturally since the flywheel has an ideal weight of 14 kg, a value that allows us to do physical activity without losing balance and without making too much effort. This product designed for home fitness has an ergonomic and robust structure that allows it a prolonged resistance over time and is the perfect tool both for those with a more massive build (holds up to 139 kg of weight), and for those who are more thin and minute. Thanks to soft and long rides, you can train at home just like in the gym or outdoors and your body will regain the lost strength.

Buy it on Amazon with free shipping at a price below 500 euros!

Toorx Chrono Line ERX elliptical exercise bike

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If what you are looking for is a varied and never boring workout, solidity and quality of materials, we have the right product for you. It is called Toorx Chrono Line ERX 700 and is among the latest models of elliptical bikes. With front flywheel and foldable frame, it is a transversal fitness tool that adapts to the possibilities and needs of athletes and beginners. This elliptical, in fact, is able to offer a wide choice of preset programs: beginner, advanced, sports, cardio and the list does not stop there. Even the effort can be adjusted since, through special commands on the console, you can choose between 32 different levels of resistance. This elliptical bike is worth every single penny even considering that, included, you will find a mini computer and a support for smartphones and tablets. It also holds up to 130 kg in weight and, by purchasing it now, you will have a 2-year warranty. Take care of your body with this bike, with every ride your legs will thank you!

Buy it on Amazon and pay for it in installments: shipping is free!

Capital Sports Helix Track / PRO elliptical bike

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The Capital Sports Helix Track / PRO elliptical bike is a cross trainer and cross walker model that will make physical activity enjoyable even for those who are too lazy and have only seen a gym in the brochure. But it is also a product that guarantees professional results for the most passionate about fitness. There are several aspects that made us fall in love, among all the models, especially this one. First of all, thanks to the SilentBelt system, you can let yourself go on pleasant and completely silent rides. Furthermore, the tool is not bulky at all and can be answered in any corner of the house. To get feedback on your workout and get an idea of ​​the quality of what you are doing, just connect to the elliptical trainer via bluetooth. However, what struck us most about this elliptical bike is the fact that we can choose between a personalized workout at will and virtual routes with which to travel up to thousands of km. And do not worry if the best sport you have done in your life has been to travel the sofa-fridge, fridge-sofa journey because through the supplied computer you can choose between 12 training programs, including 4 for beginners. Now you will have no more excuses for not moving!

Buy the product on Amazon and pay it in installments!

B & H-ERX elliptical bike

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If a private personal trainer, who you train daily directly at your home, is out of budget, the B & H-ERX elliptical bike will take care of keeping you in shape. It is a solid and sturdy elliptical bike (it holds up to 100 kg of weight), equipped with a bi-directional flywheel with magnetic control and a computer with which to monitor your training, showing you the distance traveled, the calories burned. , elapsed time and speed. Ergonomic design and extremely quiet operation, this tool designed for the home fitness of those who no longer want to spend money in the gym, contains three machines in one, namely a treadmill, a spinning bike and a step-by-step movement function. , so you will be spoiled for choice! Thanks to the B & H-ERX elliptical bike you will be able to train and stretch muscles and joints of the whole body: with this device, in fact, you will not make movement only with the lower part as there are also exercises for the arms. In short, it is a real new generation bicycle!

Don't be frightened by the price, you can buy it now and pay for it in installments.

Find out more on Amazon: shipping is free!

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