How to take care of the parquet

Painted or vitrified parquet

Glazing a parquet means applying at least two layers of special parquet varnish or a vitrifier: it is the best method to protect it, facilitate maintenance and give it a shiny appearance. If your parquet is not vitrified, you can vitrify it yourself! By regularly maintaining the parquet, the paint will remain smooth and shiny for 10, 15 or even 20 years!


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Frequently remove dust with a non-metallic brush vacuum cleaner and then clean it with a damp cloth. Once or twice a month you can also use a parquet shampoo: clean the surface with a damp microfiber mop (Vileda mop) or a mop. For encrusted stains, spray the shampoo directly onto the stain and scrub with a rag.


Every 6 months, when the paint begins to lose its brilliance, use a brightener or a self-polishing agent specific for vitrified parquet: it will help to make the streaks disappear. Dilute the product as indicated in the instructions for use and apply it with a floor rag, without rinsing. For even better results, you can apply a thin layer of pure brightener with a microfiber broom, but only on condition that the parquet is perfectly clean.


Never wash a painted parquet with water and do not use aggressive detergents, with ammonia, abrasives or silicone.

Parquet treated with oil

The very fluid parquet oils penetrate deeply into the wood and protect it from stains, but compared to painting they have two main drawbacks: cost and irreversibility.


The great advantage of oil-treated parquet is that they require little maintenance, they just need to be dusted regularly with a slightly damp mop. In case of major stains just wash them with black soap.


A layer of oil must be reapplied every year, after making a fine sanding. The sanding operation consists in stripping the wood with pumice powder before applying the oil. To get the best result it is sometimes necessary to go through three or four different types of pumice powder, using a floor machine. The sanding allows you to remove any streaks before reapplying the oil.

Waxed parquet

Waxed parquet floors have an inimitable patina and smell, but they are fragile, stain in contact with water and are slippery, which is why they are increasingly abandoned in favor of varnished or oil-treated parquet, which is more resistant and easier to care for.


To clean a waxed parquet just wipe it with a damp sponge, but in case of obvious stains you will have to proceed with a sanding and then reapply a layer of wax on the freshly cleaned surface.

Some tricks to ensure that the parquet lasts a long time

If the parquet is in the entrance room, put a brush mat in front of the door to minimize the risk of stains and streaks. To avoid streaks, stick adhesive pads under furniture, especially under chairs and other furniture that is moved often.

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