How to take care of a linoleum floor

Contrary to popular belief, linoleum is a very ecological coating, made up of 80% natural and renewable raw materials such as linseed oil, some natural resins, wood flour, limestone and jute. In order for a linoleum floor to last as long as possible it is necessary to take proper care of it, absolutely avoiding bleach, ammonia, alcohol or trichlorethylene, which will ruin it irreparably.

Remove the stain from linoleum

- Ink blots: Rub stains with a simple eraser. If that doesn't work, wipe it with a cloth soaked in benzene or white spirit.

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- Glue or grease stains: the best weapon is Marseille soap, which will easily eliminate them.

- Black spots: can be removed with an eraser. If there are any traces left, you can wipe the floor with an ether-soaked cloth but in this case don't forget to open the windows well.

- Paint stains: you can use a solvent such as benzene or white spirit.

- Traces of mold: apply a mixture of mustard flour and cold water and let it act for at least three hours. Dry with a damp cloth, paint and proceed with the encaustic.

Good to know: never wash the linoleum with water as you risk damaging it irreversibly.

To restore shine to linoleum

No layer of dirt will resist a solution of water, black soap and sodium crystals. Once clean, if you want to make your linoleum shine, rinse the floor with water, to which you have mixed some egg yolks (2 yolks for a liter of water), and dry immediately.

To protect the linoleum from stains and wear, wipe the floor with white spirit or a specific polishing wax for linoleum, using a soft cloth or a polisher.

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