Rock crystal: properties, benefits and uses for crystal therapy

Rock crystal is closely related to the seventh chakra, called crown chakra, the vital and energy point above the head which controls the nervous system and brain. The name derives from the Greek Krustallos which means ice, but its alternative name, or hyaline quartz (from the Greek Hyalos), it also makes it correspond to the glass which is its translation.
Before discovering how to use rock crystal, discover in this video the stones associated with the zodiac signs.

Rock crystal: what is it?

Rock crystal is the queen of stones and one of its main benefits is that of being able to lower the body temperature simply by placing two stones under the soles of the feet. Used in this sense since ancient times to lower fever or even to combat the summer heat. Precisely for these reasons, as well as for its glacial and transparent aspect, rock crystal is associated with ice cubes. a lava stone and in particular, it is a colorless oxide, one of the most popular and widespread minerals on Earth.The largest number of deposits are however found in Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Canada, USA, Uruguay, Germany and India.

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Benefits and properties of rock crystal for body, mind and spirit

  • Benefits for the body

As already mentioned in the opening of the article, rock crystal is useful to alleviate fever when it tends to rise, but that's not all, as hyaline quartz seems to also act at the circulatory level restoring a balance that is sometimes lacking. You can create a rock crystal elixir directly at home, an infused water capable of stimulating the main glands of the human body, relieving headaches and soothing tooth pain. Also excellent to combine with a purifying diet to eliminate toxins.

  • Benefits for the mind

Rock crystal is known for its specific benefit of restoring balance, which is why it is highly valued on a psychic level. By constantly wearing hyaline quartz jewelry, positive thoughts are stimulated, affirming our innermost nature and prompting our more curious side to investigate ourselves better. In him harbor the Yin and Yang energies that create harmony, which is handed down to us.

  • Benefits for the spirit

With its transparent and pure "color", rock crystal is closely linked to the chakra of the subtlest energies, and is considered the mineral that best helps us to investigate on a spiritual level. It is a perfect conductor of energy, often taken as an example in crystal therapy, where it is nicknamed "scalpel" due to its often pointed shape.
The rock crystal tips are considered "energy scalpels" with which to work very precisely on thehuman aura. These are rather delicate operations to be performed only by the most experienced crystal therapists.
Also for meditation Hyaline quartz is widely used as it amplifies the experience by elevating the person to higher stages of consciousness. Used in combination with hematite, it allows for a good grounding experience, increasing clarity on an emotional level, especially when meditation with hyaline quartz is associated with mantras or prayer.

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How to use rock crystal? 4 examples

  • 1 - To rebalance the energies

Holding a rock crystal in one hand and a citrine quartz (with a characteristic yellow color) in the other hand, allows you to balance the feminine and masculine energies, better known as Yin and Yang.

  • 2 - To relieve pain

If you are looking for physical benefits, you must keep the rock crystal in contact with the area of ​​the body affected by the pain. For headaches, for example, the ideal would be to place the stone on your temples and relax for a few minutes.

  • 3 - To enhance the effects of meditation

Rock crystal allows you to get more benefits from meditation if used while you are doing it.Just hold it in your hands during practice to benefit from its effects right away.

  • 4 - To balance the seventh chakra

To achieve spiritual and psychic results, the rock crystal must be placed above the seventh chakra. According to crystal therapy, it will also be enough to wear the jewel with the stone around the neck.

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Curiosities, myths and legends about rock crystal

According to some beliefs, hyaline quartz is a demanding stone that if worn for long periods by a person who is not ready for contact, could cause suffering and a sense of oppression. Whoever is not ready to rise to a spiritual level will not find any benefit from contact with the stone and will end up hating it.
Already used by Maya in the past, the rock crystal was used to enhance the magical rituals that were implemented, it is no coincidence that it has always been considered one of the magical minerals par excellence. Endowed with hypnotic and divinatory virtues, when it assumes certain forms (the famous crystal ball) it induces the person who stares at it in a trance, thus allowing to travel between past, present and future.

Why is this quartz famous in crystal therapy? It is able to amplify any type of energy, purifies the aura, unlocks the chakras, works in synergy with other crystals by drawing on extrasensory abilities; theIt also stimulates the immune system.

If we wanted to associate it with the elements, these would be fire and water. The first corresponds to the male Yang energy (conquest, willpower and courage), but always balanced by the female part Yin (water) characterized by emotions, intuition and love.

Other legends of the past:

  • In Ancient China, the resemblance of rock crystal to ice led us to believe that by holding one of these stones in the mouth, it was possible to relieve thirst.
  • Shamans have always used rock crystal in their practices, because, due to its color, they believed that it came from the sky and they used to call it "stone of light".
  • Finally, for the ancient Romans, hyaline quartz was the spirit of a dead shaman, who returned to the planet with the aim of watching over the souls in need of a very powerful spiritual guide.

In nature, rock crystal is also found not exactly pure: in all these cases it is said that it has "ghosts", nebulous forms contained within it and that in fact resemble spirits. These change with the passage of time and can change the crystal itself.

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Rock crystal jewels: where to buy them and how to maintain them

On the market there are numerous jewels made with rock crystal: earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings made with natural stone to be worn daily to exploit the energy of hyaline quartz every day.

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Some quartz can be coated with iron.
Velvet clutch included to safeguard the stone.

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To understand how to clean rock crystal it is good to keep in mind that running water will be a valid ally. It is better to avoid solutions with water and salt which in the long run could dull the jewels. For loading, prefer the one under the lunar influences.

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