Original Carnival costumes: the funniest and most bizarre masks and clothes for adults

The choice of the Carnival costume is not always so easy and immediate. Often one is short of ideas and ends up in the banal, showing off the usual traditional clothes. For this reason, we have decided to offer you some ideas of original Carnival costumes for adults from which to take inspiration to make a great impression with a top mask that will leave everyone speechless.

From the reinterpretations of classics and evergreens, to the most absurd objects of everyday life to the characters of cult films, cartoons and the world of art: in fact, there are many ideas from which you can get inspired to show off a Carnival costume that It will be remembered. There is something for everyone in this selection of masks that we have designed for you: from dresses for couples to those for friends, to DIY Carnival costumes - original and cheap at the same time. Take a look below and choose the perfect Carnival dress for you.

But first, make sure you choose the right nail polish to show off for the occasion: here is a perfect color for a sparkling and full of panache!

The most original Carnival costumes for adults - the funniest and strangest ideas

Have you ever thought about dressing up as a Van Gogh painting or a National Geographic cover? Maybe just like the most famous illustration by photographer Steve McCurry ... If you are looking for original ideas for a Carnival costume, these could be great alternatives. And if you are a lover of pop culture, the range of possibilities multiplies dramatically: McDonald's fries, snacks, the famous little man Kinder, in short, whatever comes to mind, the important thing is to dare and amaze. Here are some nice suggestions. to adapt to your pleasure!

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© click4wdmail.com The most famous photograph by Steve McCurry

Carnival costumes for women: the most beautiful female masks to be inspired by

From cartoons to the protagonists of films and music videos that made history. Let yourself be inspired by the imagination and choose the perfect Carnival mask for you. Here you can find original suggestions for women's Carnival dresses, but don't limit your creativity: you can opt for any female figure you can think of, maybe that Disney character you loved so much when you were little. In short, whether it is Britney Spears, Lara Croft, Cruella Demon or the Blue Fairy, commit yourself to making your mask as beautiful as possible, taking care of it in every detail. Imperative: leave everyone speechless!

Find your costume on Amazon:

  • Cruella Demon
  • Mermaid
  • Alice in Wonderland Bunny
  • Create the perfect Mary Poppins costume

© Pinterest Cruella Demon

Carnival costumes for the couple: the most original clothes for him and her

What if you are a couple? Do not worry, we have also thought of you. There are many original and fun Carnival costumes for him and her that could do for you. Also in this case, you can wander as much as possible and let yourself be inspired by your inventiveness: from the world of cinema, to TV series up to historical cartoon characters. To you the choice! Below we offer you some ideas of Carnival masks for couples to submit to your sweetheart for a top match that will make everyone envy.

© Pinterest Mary Poppins

DIY Carnival Costumes: the funniest and easiest home-made masks for adults to make

If you are not going to spend money or want to opt for a low cost solution, you can choose practical and cheap DIY Carnival costumes. Here you can find original and fun DIY mask solutions for adults that will allow you to make a great impression without spending too much. Just collect the right materials and undergo a quick and simple DIY or cut and sew operation, and that's it!

© Danielle Dispensing machine for colored butts

Carnival costumes for friends: dresses and masks for couples or groups of friends

Do you want an original Carnival costume to show off as a couple with your best friend? Then, for example, you can opt for masks that re-propose historical famous couples who have entered the collective imagination: from cinema, to TV, to the world of cartoons. Let yourself be inspired by these ideas and show off your perfect Carnervale masks for you and your partner in crime!

Find your costume on Amazon:

  • Powerpuff Girls: Dolly and Lolly
  • The Simpsons: Patty and Selma
  • Mario Bros: Mario and Luigi

© Pinterest Daria and Jane Lane

And with a self-respecting Carnival costume, you certainly can't miss the right make-up!

That's right, if your beauty mantra in everyday life is not to dare and opt for a delicate and refined nude make-up, remember that at Carnival you must be daring! So set aside your usual sobriety and measure and give free rein to your creativity. Here are some original ideas for a truly top Carnival make-up!

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