Lightning wedding? 5 important actions to make it last for real

You have found yourselves and your love seems like the most beautiful adventure in the world: all that is new is splendid and you are really ready to dive headlong into a life to share with your sweetheart.
Recent studies state that, the duration of a relationship before pronouncing the fateful "yes, I do", is around 5 years, however, if "love makes your head spin, there are cases in which you decide to run to" altar after a couple of months. If this happens, here are some things you just can't miss. But don't forget what you can do to get the most out of your relationship ...

1. Invest your time

Considering that you haven't invested much time in each other so far, it's time to catch up (and we're not talking about stalking on social media to find out more about the other half of your sky). You don't know each other yet. fund, to do so, you need to be present. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice everything for the good of the other but only that, a text message or a lightning phone call, could, little by little, cement your relationship.

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2. Learn to trust

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It is often difficult to trust yourself, let alone trust a relatively new person. Actions speak more clearly than words, and since both of you have decided to run to the altar, there is certainly a reason. Learn to trust him and, of course, he will do what he can to do the same.

3. Talk to him about everything

There are a lot of things he doesn't know about you and vice versa. Tell him what you would like him to know: your family, your tastes, your ideas ... help him find the best way to be close to you and don't be afraid to overdo it. Communication is the basis of a relationship that works and, speaking of yourself, you will be able to get close in the shortest possible time.

4. Listen to him while he talks to you about everything

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Of course, talking shouldn't be a one-way practice, just as he doesn't know you, you too will certainly have big gaps about what he loves to do on Sunday afternoons and what his favorite restaurant is. with those who know how to listen, do not be a rubber wall and welcome his suggestions!

5. Don't take anything for granted

Ask him questions, ask him why he loves the sea and hates the mountains, ask him the reason for that scar just below the eye. Take an interest in him and don't take it for granted. Before you didn't even know him and now, instead, you have moved on to share a bed and stoves: c "is really something extraordinary in a similar situation!

If you want to take the plunge but want to make this step even bigger and you would like to organize your marriage proposal ... Here are some ideas for you!

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