5 things to do in the summer with young children that you thought were impossible!

Raising a child is a wonderful experience, a gift that changes our life ... and really changes it in every sense! Many of our habits change and we often end up, with all the love in the world, having to give up. to some activities that previously we could carry out with more carefree, especially in summer time. Well, that's not always the case! Discover now with us 5 things to do in the summer with your little son that you thought were impossible, but instead ...

1. Make him fall asleep when you are out and guarantee him the continuity of sleep!

In the summer it is nice to walk and enjoy life in the open air, but there is a risk that your child will struggle to fall asleep when you are out or, if he can, just move him from the pram to the car to wake up, with all the ensuing problems ...

From today it is easy to solve this problem thanks to the latest generation systems. Aptica, the new System Quattro from Inglesina, is comfortable for the baby and will allow him to fall asleep very easily while you are out and about. The wheelchair is equipped with the exclusive Welcome Pad ™ device, made in compliance with the latest scientific guidelines in terms of well-being and safety: it favors the comfortable maintenance of the supine position and the alignment of the limbs on the midline; it helps to keep the airways aligned and reduces the risk of the so-called "flat head syndrome". In addition, it adapts to the growth of the child thanks to an adjustable wedge for the support of the legs.

After the walk, you can then use the practical Standup, which easily transforms the pram into a suitable support for the baby to rest at home and, in addition, the car seat can be attached to it. This system will allow you not to wake the baby up. baby and ensure continuity of sleep. No problems for hygiene: the dirt accumulated on the frame remains outside the home.

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2. Go where you like best ... no destination excluded!

Would you like to take an excursion or a trip out of town, perhaps walking in the hills or in the countryside on unpaved roads, but the idea of ​​having to drag a pram makes you immediately desist from taking your child too? There is no reason to give up! Just choose a frame that can stand up to the challenge of any terrain.

Aptica di Inglesina has large, amortized wheels capable of moving comfortably on the most inaccessible surfaces. Its aluminum frame proceeds on the cobblestones of the historic centers as well as on the rough country paths, guaranteeing maximum comfort for your child. In addition, Aptica closes and opens easily with one hand and is made in such a way that the handles never touch the ground to ensure the best hygienic conditions.

The front wheels, swiveling and cushioned, have a diameter of 190 mm, the rear ones 260 mm. The active single-lever brake moves into position automatically, in order to guarantee absolute safety. The basket, in addition to being reinforced, is equipped with a profile in reflective material, in case the trip extends into the cool evening hours.

3. Take your baby with you to anyone's home!

How long have you promised your best friend to visit her in her new home, but with the baby and the difficulty in getting around - between elevators and narrow corridors - you still haven't managed to keep your resolution? Again, choosing a suitable system can help you!

Aptica has a frame with a width of only 50 cm: with such a small size it will be easy to move even in domestic spaces without being forced to make a thousand very tiring maneuvers or tiring interlocking games. But do not think that, given the measures, the cradle can be cramped for the baby ... quite another! Its internal dimensions are 79 x 37 cm, very generous: your child will not be limited in his movements, but he can stretch himself, explore, lie on your back.

The rigid polypropylene shell protects the baby from accidental bumps, while the breathable jersey interior is very soft and easy to wash. chat, just lift it to let him observe the new house too.

4. Go out alone you and him!

This summer you can't wait to spend time with your baby, you and him alone, maybe going to get you a nice ice cream ... without someone's help, however, you are afraid of not even being able to load it in. car or struggling to carry the stroller around for a long time!

Don't worry: The Inglesina Aptica frame has a single handle, covered in imitation leather, which is first of all adjustable, so as to make driving comfortable for parents of any height. Secondly, it opens and closes with just one hand, in both "mother-facing" and "street-facing" configurations.

The journey by car will be made absolutely comfortable thanks to the Cab car seats (for children up to 13 kg) and Darwin I-Size (for use with children from 40 to 75 cm in height), both of which can be combined with their respective car bases. Thanks to their ergonomic and enveloping shape, generous dimensions and height-adjustable headboard, they will make the journey safe and comfortable.

5. Romantic dinner with baby included!

If you and your partner want to treat yourself to a nice dinner, but you don't have the heart to leave your little one at home, why not take him with you? A frame like Aptica, with its width of only 50 cm, does not require the reservation of a table with a lot of added space at all. Your child can be there next to you without creating any difficulties.

And if the restaurant you have chosen for your summer dinner is outdoors, fear not: the Aptica wheelchair has an adjustable opening ventilation control system, capable of regulating the flow of air and the temperature inside the crib. The fabric hood is also equipped with a removable front panel for protection from direct light when the sun is low, at sunset for example! A double panel cover will protect the child from the presence of wind or summer coolness.

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