5 things Meghan Markle will no longer be able to do after marrying Prince Harry

The Royal Wedding kept us glued to the television and, with bated breath, we witnessed the declaration of eternal love between Meghan Markle, an American actress, and Prince Harry, the youngest scion of the English royal family.
Before getting married, the two lived together for a couple of months: who knows if they too found themselves in these situations ...

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Now that Meghan has become part of the royal family in all respects and has been adorned with the title of "Duchess of Sussex", she will have to follow some rules imposed by the English crown ...
Here are what they are!

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1. Go out alone

Even before getting married, Meghan was a very well-known "actress, mainly for playing Rachel Zane in Suits, an American TV series. Now, however, as her fame has grown exponentially, the newcomer to Windsor will no longer be able to leave the house if not accompanied. by members of security.

2. Selfies

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Although Markle was very active on social media before officially getting engaged to Harry, the woman had to delete her profiles and, of course, her selfies too. It seems that the Queen is not a big fan of the self-timer and that the newlyweds cannot indulge in selfies with fans and friends.
Put simply, when you marry an English royal, you no longer have to commit to looking good in photos as the shots are (almost) always entrusted to professionals.

3. Sign autographs

Royal family members are prohibited from signing autographs as they could be used for shady purposes. They could in fact be imitated and used for non-noble purposes. In this regard, members of the royal family can write messages to those asking for autographs but these can never be accompanied by their signature.

4. Cross your legs

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Meghan Markle will no longer be able to cross her legs, this to avoid that, during the movement, areas of the body that should be kept hidden are exposed.
And "with this purpose the"Duchess slant"a pose dear to LadyD and which was then taken up by Kate Middleton. This consists in" tilting the legs slightly once seated, so as to avoid that cameras and video cameras can, with their superzooms, immortalize areas on which the Sun.

5. Bring brightly colored nail polishes

It seems that the Queen is very strict about glazes and that she invites her daughters-in-law to wear neutral colors and shades of nude. After all, the Queen has been wearing the same nuance since 1989, and it is a very, very pale pink.
We don't know how Meghan reacted, but these are small sacrifices necessary to marry a prince!

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