What happens if you don't wash the dishwasher? And how to fix it?

Just as not cleaning the washing machine can have unpleasant consequences, the same rule applies to the dishwasher. Generally, we give great value to our appliances, which on several occasions save us a great deal of effort, which should be faced manually. Yet we often neglect to take care of them, clean them, not guaranteeing them a better yield and duration. If you think that an appliance that has to wash something for us does not need to be washed, this is a serious mistake. Especially if it is an appliance that helps us to always keep the kitchen tidy, along with these tricks, of course:

What happens if you don't wash the dishwasher

The consequences of a poorly maintained dishwasher are immediately visible. Where is it? Typically right on the crockery that is supposed to make immaculate. When dishes and glasses start showing limescale or grease stains, then something is wrong. The limescale that accumulates in the pipes could not only cause permanent damage to the appliance, but undoubtedly affect the washing performance. Even bad smells are a consequence of a poorly maintained dishwasher, especially if dirt and grease accumulate in the seals How to do it then?

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How to clean the dishwasher

If you do not want to resort to the use of chemical detergents to disinfect and clean the appliance, you can use fast, economical and effective alternatives. For starters, it's important to get rid of any dust or residue. This practice helps correct ventilation: you can use a rag soaked in water and white vinegar, in order to remove encrustations and residues that tend to accumulate especially in the less visible parts, such as the gaskets. Another thing to do, to help the dishwasher work properly, is to always remember to wash the filter, where food residues can generate the most resistant bad smells. It is therefore important to operate a vacuum rinse, at least once a month, using products such as bicarbonate (excellent in fact also for whitening teeth) or vinegar to combat limescale, bad odor and deterioration of the pipes.
With ecological solutions it is possible to clean not only the dishwasher, but the whole house, here's how:

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