"I'm fat! I need the touch-up! Oh my God, what pose am I in?" All the thoughts of women when they look in pictures

We are our own worst enemy when it comes to looking at pictures. The feeling of shame and embarrassment sets us apart when it comes to judging how we came into the picture.

Here are 21 thoughts from women when they look at their own photos - some are downright crazy!

1. Are you sure it's me? Am I that?

It is much worse than anything I would have thought! Not for nothing did I take my father's nose.

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2. Do I have wings on my arms?

Is there a pose to make my arm look thinner? If so, I need to know ASAP!

3. What's wrong with my face?

Your mouth makes a strange grimace, you look cross-eyed, one of your ears pokes out of your hair in an unusual way.

4. Put a filter on that photo, please!

True, filters are our best friends on many occasions. Filters are blessed - luckily they exist

5. What was I wearing?

The moment you realize you don't look cool at all ... in fact, you just look stupid. Because you have an outfit that only now you realize how impossible it is.

6. I'm fat

And then you should avoid carbohydrates ...

7. My eyes ...

And I who, making that particular expression, thought they expressed the best of my sensuality!

9. Pretending to laugh ...

That friend of yours who ordered you to smile in the shot ... throw something at her. Do it now.

10. Is my forehead really that high and greasy?

May my forehead be cursed!

11. That pose is completely absurd

But how did it come to my mind to put myself like this?

12. Perfect, I could see everything ... and nobody told me anything!

Now I'm strangling someone.

13. I clearly didn't get the right angle

My profile is awful. Born to ruin any photo.

14. Why was I pretending to have fun? I wasn't having fun at all!

Nobody should see my face in those moments.

15. I was told I wouldn't have wrinkles until I was 30

I would say they lied. I am 23 and have more wrinkles than a Shar Pei.

16. Argh, I have a double chin

That's why I shouldn't eat bread before going out ...

17. I have to consider the possibility of a tweak

Botox, nose adjustments, facelifts ... I have to do something. This photo tells me.

18. Why can't I smile like a normal person?

I'm the female version of Chandler.

19. This would never have happened if I had been a Kardashian

What bitterness ... with my duck face I'll never have Kim's cheekbones!

20. Cancel it, cancel it NOW

If you don't click the trash can icon immediately, bad things will happen.

21. My knees, my legs! They are like the Pocahontas tree!

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