5 unexpected things men hate in bed

That in bed we are not all the same, there was no doubt! But besides the most well-known differences between male and female desire, there are things men just don't prefer between the sheets. Here are at least 5 that you should pay more attention to, and if you really don't want to worry about him, don't worry, there are alternative and healthy solutions, look at:

1. Too much talk

A fine line is between those who know how to listen to their partner's wishes, and those who go like a train and therefore listen to nothing but themselves. The woman who talks and gushes, before, after and during the sexual act, can reduce the sexual desire drastically! How about indulging in your orgasm and letting yourself go?

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2. Who undresses alone

Although undressing alone can be a real erotic game between you, very often the man prefers to discover your skin for himself, and decide where and what to discover beyond the clothes when he sees fit. So try not to travel in total autonomy, but let him no longer resist the temptation to "tear your clothes off"

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3. The snack in bed

Even if you wouldn't say it, many men hate the post-orgasm woman's snack! And especially when consumed in bed! Before rushing to dig in the fridge, therefore, try to understand if this need of yours could be a problem and ask if it is okay for the bed to be filled with crumbs ... it may not be everyone's dream!

4. Orders

Except for those who like to "be commanded" between the sheets, a good number of men hate being told what to do in bed, especially as they try hard to get you to orgasm! hurt their pride and not make them feel trapped: yes to inputs and suggestions, no to orders and directions.

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5. The forced simulation

If it is true that many of us (unfortunately) are extremely good at simulating orgasm, beware ladies, there are many men who know how to distinguish between a real orgasm and a fake one in addition to acting, and who hate this fiction that leaves you dumbfounded. If you just can't enjoy the landscape on top of the mountain, avoid screams, delusions, and convulsions. Better to liquidate it with kindness and move on to your sex toys!