What to wear if you are very thin to enhance your body and feel at the top!

Being thin, or very thin, is perhaps the dream of many women, but it's not all roses for them either! Often women with few curves can feel unsexy, or it can be difficult to find a dress that fits perfectly ...

To find out what to wear if you are very thin, which garments and cuts to favor, and what to bet on more, just read our tips!
And if you want to be sure you choose the right outfits, find out immediately what the shape of the body is:

The right shopping list for you

  • Bright colors
  • Bold prints
  • Full-bodied materials
  • Elaborate systems
  • Straight skirts
  • High waisted skirts
  • Shorts
  • Flared trousers
  • Cigarette pants
  • Belts
  • Heels

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Lively and bold

An obvious piece of advice but it is good to remember: avoid total black, make it slimmer and it wouldn't do you a favor. Very thin women are in luck for one thing: they can dare all the prints and bright colors they want! So, no more shyness!

Choose the right pants

Skinny girls often like to wear skinny jeans, mainly because they can afford it.Yet it is good not to overdo it, when you are very thin: a pair of cigarette pants is much better, not to mention how much more chic (remember Audrey Hepburn?).

Flared trousers, much loved or hated, are still a good idea, if you love the genre: they accentuate the attention on the lower part of the legs, minimizing the hips that are perhaps too flat. Be careful of the stature though: if you are very thin but also minute, perhaps it is better to turn to the advice designed especially for you!

Use layers

The layer look, dressing in layers, is highly recommended especially because it adds volume where it is needed. And then in the cold seasons it is also comfortable ...
Wool, leather, and all the like are suitable for your layered looks, obviously dosing the materials well and not creating too many mixes! In short, even thin women are required to have a certain sense of proportion.

© Lauren Conrad

Beware of skirts

The skirts chapter is perhaps the most complex for very thin women, there is still plenty of choice. A-line skirts add volume to narrow hips, but also tend to emphasize a too thin waist, so use them carefully.

Straight skirts, narrow along the entire figure, perhaps with a high waist, are perhaps the most suitable, because they emphasize thinness without focusing on just one point. As for the miniskirts, obviously they are indicated if you want to focus on the legs, but choose the right one if you are not only very thin but also petite! See here for tips on what to wear if you are petite.

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Wear belts

If you are thin and have a figure with few curves, a belt placed on the thinnest part of the body can help you create curves.
Thin belts, contrary to what you might think, do a great job even if it doesn't look like it, so don't go overboard with flashy belts.

What to do with the shorts?

Being thin means being able to afford clothing that is very difficult to wear, such as shorts. Whether you are petite or tall, shorts will still suit you. Check out the tips on what to wear if you are tall here!

Wear heels

Heels are recommended for everyone! Not only do they make you sexier, but they make you feel sexier, and you can wear them fearlessly even if you are tall!

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© Francesco Russo Heeled shoes: beautiful models to look at!

The things you absolutely must avoid:

  • Too tight or too loose fabrics
  • Too tight jeans
  • V-necklines
  • Total black
  • Clothes that hang too much

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