10 tips to be chic even in the middle of winter

How to dress in winter may seem like an "enigma that answers the question: how can I avoid the" Michelin man "effect and still look like a woman even when it's cold outside? Just a few small tricks, like these we suggest, and that's it. In short, it is possible to have an elegant and chic outfit even when it's snowing outside, or it's -10 °. So, get ready to face a tough shopping session, the positive aspect of which, in addition to leaving you the lightest wallet, is the loss of kilocalories. Do it like this:

1. How to dress elegantly in winter: focusing on hats!

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What's better than an accessory that protects you from the cold and at the same time adds an extra touch to your style? The hat immediately gives a mysterious and sexy air, or even ironic, just knowing how to choose it. There are all shapes, materials and shapes: wide-brimmed, the Borsalino model, the beret, the brixton or the flat cap, all ready to satisfy your tastes or to enhance your casual or casual chic outfit! The only thing to always pay attention to are the materials: to ensure that in addition to being beautiful it is also warm, choose hats 100% wool or cashmere, or those with a very high percentage of these materials!
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2. Wear oversized sweaters and winter is already chic!

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Maxi sweaters, cardigans that become real coats, long dresses in warm wool ... all garments that mean not only warmth and comfort, but also style. The oversize trend shows no sign of disappearing, on the contrary, for years it has been the protagonist of the looks of many stars or influencers. This is because it allows us to give the look a casual but also very trendy twist with very few garments, indeed, focusing everything on the oversized garment, from the scarf to the coat, from the sweater to the hat. Not to mention the level of comfort, which makes us feel comfortable throughout the day. If you are very small, wear the oversized sweater over skinny jeans or leather leggings, just like we propose here:

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© Pinterest Leather leggings: all the coolest combinations

3. Wear your boots to be sexy even in winter!

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If the secret to staying warm is to create layers of fabric, the same must be true for the feet. Boots, perhaps in sexy and high leather, will then be your best ally. Trendy this winter, the white ankle boots in leather (or eco-leather) or the Texans, always in leather or eco-leather, pointed and super rock, especially if full of studs! Timeless and perfect for any look, from oversized sweaters to knitted dresses, knee-high boots! Everything is in learning how to match these boots so as not to be vulgar and then nothing will stop you: you can say goodbye to the snowman effect.

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© Bershka Over the knee boots: the most beautiful cuissardes of this fall

4. Don't forget special tights for a top winter!

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It would be nice if we all had the courage to wear skirts (even in winter) without socks, at any temperature. But that's not the case at all, not all women succeed. Fortunately, to save us from chilblains and the possibility of going crazy for the cold, in winter we can wear the magical tights, forgetting the classic super opaque black ones and focusing on particular and super sexy pantyhose models! From polka dot to checkered ones, passing through colored tights or the most absurd patterns, dressing in winter will no longer be a bore even for those who fear the cold!

5. How to dress in winter? With turtleneck and high collar!

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The turtleneck reminds us a little of the bad times when as children we were forced to wear it to fight the cold and seasonal evils. But fashion is unpredictable, you know, and brings it back into vogue as a real must-have, just like the wider turtleneck sweater. In fact it is one of those perfect garments to wear in winter, to dress well and cover up at the same time. Perfect on any type of trousers (to be chosen carefully based on side B!) and beautiful even on one slightly masculine style worn with a mid-heel ankle boot. How about?

6. Protect yourself from the cold with a long coat!

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How to dress in winter if not wearing a coat that guarantees a minimum of coverage to the whole body? The long coat is a real must-have for winter, able to give any look an elegant and fashionable tone. The most coveted colors are black, midnight blue, gray and camel, but also the white and dark green are making their way through the shop windows and in the minds of all of us! Incredibly beautiful with high boots, super fashionable with low sneakers and skinny trousers. Choose the one that suits you best and you will not regret it !

7. Indulge yourself with dozens of scarves!

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The scarf, whether oversize or super small, cannot be missing among the things to wear in winter, both for style and health reasons, especially if the temperatures are very low! We are all full of scarves because the truth is one and only one: they are a fabulous accessory! Opt for quality scarves, rather buy one but 100% wool or cashmere, or a mixture of these two materials, both because you will benefit more in terms of warmth, and because they are much more beautiful and resistant!

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8. Ignore bad weather and wear sunglasses

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As Olivia Palermo teaches above, there is no need to wait for summer to wear sunglasses. They are also great in winter, they protect from the wind and above all give that "air of" charisma and symptomatic mystery. "You can opt for a pair of dark glasses, with typically winter colors such as black, blue or brown, perhaps tortoiseshell, but also opt for colors that give a touch of originality to your look. Of course, choose the right ones according to the shape of your face

9. Don't forget the gloves, essential for dressing in winter!

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To dress in winter and fight the cold, we must not forget a part of our body that is always exposed and frozen: the hands! Gloves take care of us, a real gem to show off in winter. We can follow the trends of the season, opting for imaginative gloves or with precious details, or focus on great classics such as leather or cashmere gloves, which will never fade! What type are you?

10. Discover the secret of (eco) fur bags ...

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The fur on your winter bag (better faux fur!) Not only gives style to your accessory, but is an additional way to warm your hands (gloves were not enough). Accessories, as for every season, really do everything and this type of bag could make even a simple look elegant or very trendy: long black coat and slightly 80's or 90's white sneaker. You can get it in neutral colors but also indulge yourself with particular colors such as purple or red! If they are not for you, opt for some great winter classics:

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