What to cook with an induction cooker?

Practical, safe and easy to clean, induction cookers can be great allies in the kitchen every day. However, many people still wonder what are the advantages of making a large investment in a cooking technology so new and far from what we are used to.

We have created for you a list of dishes that are best cooked on induction cookers and we show you the best models to buy on Amazon.

1. Crêpes and crepes

Cooking a simple recipe like that of crepes and crepes becomes even easier and faster with the induction cooker! Just turn on the stove at high temperature, add the pan (which heats up in 3 seconds) and pour in the crepe or crepe mix. The dough cooks immediately and evenly, making your time in the kitchen even shorter!

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2. The meat

Having a plate of the same size as the induction cooker, you can cook meat quickly and with a more controlled temperature and adaptable to different types of meat and cooking. The induction cooker is perfect, mainly for the preparation of red meat: the fast heating guarantees perfect cooking with a delicious crust.

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Another ideal cooking method to be done with the induction cooker are braised and boiled meats: the induction technology maintains the ideal cooking temperature permanently, preventing the dishes from burning and also saving electricity!

Aigostar portable induction cooker

If you are interested in bringing an efficient, practical and economical cooker when you go to a camping, or a family trip, the Aigostar individual portable induction cooker is the most recommended model for you: it has 10 levels of heating power among its functions , timer and heat maintenance. It is also an ideal product for those who need an additional stove while cooking or for those who like to have many friends at home and want to keep food warm during dinner.

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3. Broths, sauces and soups

To cook delicious soups, broths, sauces and gravies, you can use an induction cooker with a variety of temperature modes. With an induction cooker, it is possible to control the temperatures of the sauces much more easily and precisely, managing to make even the most complex recipes to perfection.

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Induction cooker with 2 Klarstein plates

For those on a higher budget, it is worth investing in the Klarstein induction cooker, which has 2 cookware hobs and is still portable, can take you on a trip or add more cooking spaces in the kitchen! It is ideal for cooking pasta with sauces.

This cooker has the main benefit of 10 cooking modes, automatic shutdown from 1 to 3 hours and a timer that avoids burns.

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4. Pasta and rice

Finally, pasta is the best dish that can be cooked on an induction cooker. The timer function is ideal for cooking pasta perfectly and, at the same time, preparing sauce and sauces as well as perfectly cooked and creamy risottos.

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Klarstein induction hob

Are you 100% convinced and want to invest in an induction hob to replace your current cooker? The Klarstein Delicatessa 90 Hybrid model is truly the top: it has 3 different sized burners and a side plate that allows you to grill meats and vegetables. Its black glass ceramic surface is easy to clean and its control panel equipped with touch sensors allow you to select cooking modes quickly.

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