Cream concealers: which color to choose according to your need

Cream concealers are an excellent tool that allows us to camouflage imperfections, such as unsightly dark circles, dull complexion and discoloration of the skin, given, for example, by dark spots or small marks left by acne. Or, again, , are excellent for hiding redness and capillaries in evidence. The important thing is to choose the right color, according to your needs for complexion correction.

Cream concealers are generally applied before the normal foundation with the help of a small and flat brush. Once the skincare has been completed - cleansing, tonic, serum, day cream, primer - you can then proceed with their application, based on the areas affected by the various imperfections.
On the market you can find different formulations of concealers, but those in cream will allow you a more precise, modular drafting and the result will be flawless. They will also not dry out the skin, but rather keep it soft and hydrated.

And now let's see together specifically the different types and colors of cream concealers and for which specific needs to use one rather than another.

Corrector against dark circles and bags: here is the right color!

The yellow corrector is part of the range of so-called color correctors, i.e. correctors with shades different from the classic beige that have the function of hiding imperfections not simply by covering them, but by canceling them by chromatic overlap. The yellow shade is part of the covering dark circles correctors, that is, those that significantly hide the purple dark circles, but it is also perfect in the case of visible capillaries and bags under the eyes.

It is important not to apply the concealer even outside the dark circles and the affected areas. If this were the case, the skin under the eyes would appear yellow and therefore would not make you look good!

Perfect for this purpose is Vichy Dermablend Correttorre of the yellow color, capable of hiding even the most marked purple dark circles. With a soft, malleable and dry texture, it guarantees flawless coverage and a lasting result.

Its formulation includes Carnauba Wax, which ensures a soft and water-resistant texture, Flexible Elastometers, which eliminate imperfection, Mineral Pigments, for a uniform complexion, and Kaolin Clay, for a long-lasting matte effect.

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But why is yellow used to hide purple dark circles? To understand it, just consult the color wheel (you can find it below). In this wheel, all the colors that are facing each other are said to be complementary, that is, they complement each other and, if superimposed, cancel each other out; and this is precisely the effect we want when we try to make imperfections less visible.
In this specific case, purple is right in front of the yellow: for this reason, the yellow concealer is mainly used in the case in which spots or purple areas have to be camouflaged.

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Illuminating concealer for dull faces: choose the purple one!

More than a blemish concealer, the purple concealer is a tone corrector. It is used to illuminate a dull complexion, but also to attenuate the yellowish complexion of the more olive complexions, or the gray one of those who smoke.

By applying the purple concealer, the complexion will be immediately revived and you can also try it on the forehead to illuminate it and on the bridge of the nose.

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The extra tip: know that among the main causes of dull complexion there is a diet rich in sugars and white flours that alter the intestinal bacterial flora and consequently the good functionality and regularity of the intestine. therefore, take care of your diet carefully and do not miss out on fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamin C, essential for the structure of collagen, yellow-orange vegetables, excellent sources of vitamin A and - needless to say - drink a lot water!

More generally, discover in the gallery below, the foods that are good for the skin and that will significantly improve its appearance and texture.

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Apricot concealer, ideal against dark spots on the face!

The apricot concealer hides hyperpigmentation (melasma type), dark spots or scars.

The product should be applied with your fingers or a brush on the affected area, then continue with a powder or liquid foundation, smoothing the complexion.
The apricot color corrector is perfect, therefore, if your problem is dark spots, due, for example, to incorrect exposure to sunlight - in this case remember to apply a foundation with high sun protection - or scars.

When applying the concealer, remember that it doesn't take much. If you use too much, the excess will tend to accumulate in the folds or small wrinkles of the skin which, by doing so, will become even more evident!

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Green concealer to turn off redness!

The green color corrector is really of great help for all those who want to hide any type of redness: from couperose to acne scars passing through rosacea, an alteration of the skin, which usually affects the central area of ​​the face and manifests with outbreaks similar to those of erythema.

The green shade is therefore ideal for covering reddish-toned defects, since the encounter between the green color of the corrector and the reddened epidermis produces an absolutely natural effect, able to completely cover any imperfection in a light, delicate but lasting way. .

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And now that you know which concealer to use of the palette of color correctors, it's time to learn to apply them to the fullest. In this video we explain how to do it.

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