I am a control freak

What does it mean to be control freak?

A control freak he is a person who wants to have everything under control and who therefore feels obliged to tell others what to do. Generally who it is control freak he hides a feeling of superiority and thinks he absolutely has to intervene to organize, plan, direct ... This type of person does not trust others and believes he is the only one who knows how to manage unexpected events correctly. With a control freak nothing is left to chance, all the details and the unexpected are taken into consideration and every slightest change is a source of stress and nervousness.

What is the cause of this behavior?

This thirst for power and absolute control actually hides… a terrible fear of making mistakes and failing! The control freak he is insecure who, in order to hide his insecurity, forces himself to be perfect, obviously without succeeding. Eternally dissatisfied, the control freak he needs to organize everything down to the smallest detail and makes life difficult for those around him.

Learn to relativize!

If you think you are one control freak, learn to let go and trust others, even if that goes against your principles. Stop being constantly on the defensive and try to open up to those around you and allow yourself a little more spontaneity. To be able to do this, you have to regain confidence in yourself and fight against the urge to want to control everything. Try to relativize and give the right value to things!

If, on the other hand, the desire to control everything becomes an obsession and prevents you from having a balanced life, you can contact a psychologist. Why not try cognitive and behavioral therapy focused on this side of your character? Taking this step means that you have already begun to look at things from a certain distance.

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