5 tips for choosing a makeup kit

In the world of make-up there is something to get lost among all the make-up kits available!
Beautiful, colorful, sparkling, seductive, the cosmetic bags are many and one better than the other!
So how do we choose the right one?
We have thought of 5 tips to guide you in choosing a makeup bag.

Now even professional makeup bags are within everyone's reach thanks, above all, to online commerce, which allows us to also buy brands that are not yet present in the physical stores around us!
That's why we have selected the top products on Amazon, to help you choose your new makeup bag!

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1. Complete cosmetic bag for beginners

If you are a beginner or want to give a cosmetic bag to someone who has just started wearing make-up, the best choice is a complete cosmetic bag, Pupa makeup bags seem to have been created especially for this!
Beautiful packaging that is always different, this trousse contains basic eyeshadows, a blush and an earth and essential lipsticks.

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2. Essential cosmetic bag for minimalists

You don't like makeup that is too heavy and to all those brushes, you prefer your fingers!
For you an essential cosmetic bag like that of Kiko, to have everything at hand in your handbag. Neutral eyeshadows from the lightest to the darkest and a touch of blush, complete with a mirror and powder for emergencies.

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3. Highlighter pack: use it for the total look

A trick to save your make-up with just one touch.
The highlighter not only brightens and highlights your complexion but can really save you a make-up that is now ruined from a day away from home.
Just put some in the inner corner of your eyes for a more rested and brilliant look.
perfect even for those who do not want to wear make-up!

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4. The professional make-up kit for the most experienced

For you, make-up has no secrets. You are aware of all the trends and brands. You are a true beauty lover.
In that case you should choose a Mac make-up kit. This is very complete and is a real must for beauty freaks like you, always hungry for new cosmetics!

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5.The lipstick set for perfect lips

For you, makeup isn't complete if you don't have lipstick.
Here is a beautiful cosmetic bag by Mesauda, ​​perfect with her matte lipsticks to be applied with the brush.
If you want a more glossy effect, just put some lip gloss on it.

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