Vegan diet: discover all its benefits and how to prepare your recipes!

It is not always easy to stop eating meat, fish and animal derivatives, such as milk, eggs and honey.
But this choice is very beneficial to the health of those who implement it.
Eating vegan is a real ethical choice that will educate you to cook more, use fresh and seasonal products and always experiment with new recipes.

All of Italy is famous for its incredible typical recipes from every region and giving up some delicacies can be a bit difficult at first.
But it must be considered that the Mediterranean diet is rich in fruit, vegetables and legumes and that the Italian tradition is full of them.
Here is a book with 250 typical Italian recipes, all revisited in a vegan way, so as not to miss anything!

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Balances are important!

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Many people believe that the vegan diet has some shortcomings compared to the omnivorous diet.
In reality it is possible to find the vitamins and minerals that our body needs in legumes, cereals, fruit and vegetables.

A great way to fill up on vitamins in the morning would be to drink fresh fruit juice, homemade with an extractor, which retains all the essential properties of fruit.

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Another fundamental element for a perfect vegan cuisine is the steamer.
A fast and convenient way to cook different elements, in a healthy and light way, without losing the nutritional values ​​of the foods, which will be ready at the same time.

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Pregnant and vegan? No problem!

Have you made an ethical choice and would you like to maintain this lifestyle even during pregnancy and perhaps transmit the same value to your children?
Sure you can!
Consult your doctor and decide together how to continue.
During pregnancy it is essential to take folic acid, contained in broccoli and other vegetables!
Here is a book with some useful advice, from pregnancy to weaning your little one!


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