5 tips and accessories to prepare a flawless suitcase

1. Choose the suitcase that suits you best

First of all, we must be careful when choosing the suitcase: it is important to select a model that is not bulky, light and easy to carry around (models with 4 wheels are ideal in this case).

To choose the ideal model, you have to consider the travel time and how many clothes you will need during your holidays: a weekend trip or a weekday bridge allows you to bring a small cabin suitcase with dimensions up to 55cm in height if instead you have to make a longer journey, a larger model (but always light and easy to move) is ideal.

The Bon Air model by American Tourister is perfect for any type of travel: made of resistant and very light polypropylene, this suitcase has 4 wheels with 360 ° rotation and zip closure with fixed TSA lock.
Available in 3 different sizes:

  • size S: ideal for a cabin with a height of 55cm and a capacity of 31.5L. Buy on Amazon for € 82.76 (21% discount)
  • size M: ideal for longer trips with 66cm in height and 57.5L capacity. Buy on Amazon for € 92.72 (26% discount)
  • size L: ideal for intercontinental travel with 75cm height and 91L capacity. Buy on Amazon for € 96.05 (29% discount)

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2. Add bags to easily organize your belongings

Now that you have chosen the right model for your trip, it is time to start preparing your travel looks and put them inside your precious suitcase: it is important to fold the pieces as little as possible: this prevents them from creasing during the travel thus maintaining even more space for accessories and shoes.

Jewelery, swimwear and linens are organized in small bags to prevent them from shedding and we recommend that you keep them in compact and slightly stiff purses to protect your personal affections.

The Gonex Bag Set will help you with this! The set contains 3 bosre of different sizes:
S (25cm x 19cm x 9cm), M (30cm x 23cm x 9cm) and L (39cm x 38cm x 9cm) all flexible and capacious, being able to adapt to your specific needs.

© Gonex / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 14.99

3. Organize your shoes without dirtying your clothes!

Bulky, heavy and dirty, shoes are everyone's terror as they pack their suitcase. Instead of trying in vain to protect clothes with plastic bags, we have found for you a set of 10 bags made of nylon, water resistant with dimensions of 32 cm × 44 cm and with a tape closure.

© Vovoly / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 28.29

4. Select a mini beauty suitable for small trips

Don't forget about beauty! This is also an article that is chosen based on the duration of the trip: if you are traveling on a small trip, a compact beauty case, suitable for the cabin and which follows all the safety rules of cosmetics to take on the plane is ideal. Everyone knows the rules: each bottle that carries liquids cannot exceed 100mL, all the items inside must be transparent and visible to the eyes of the security personnel.

The way is clear, however if you go on a longer journey and have to check in your suitcases! In this case also it is not necessary to carry a million cosmetics. Just a little beauty and the rest of the bathroom products you can safely buy new during the trip (another opportunity to experience new things).

We recommend the small and practical Luzway clear beauty which is resistant, durable and offers all the necessary components to fill with your beloved cosmetics!

© LUZWAY / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 13.99

5. And finally, always check the weight of the suitcase

Your suitcase is now tidy and perfectly closed, but ... how much does it weigh ?! To answer this question and avoid stress at the airport due to overweight, we recommend a lightweight and portable battery scale to always check the weight of your suitcase even while traveling to keep you prepared for the extra weights added by shopping.

The high precision E-Prance portable scale will be your great ally: its sensors are able to provide you with the most accurate information possible with reality, it can weigh up to 50kg / 110Lb and its screen provides information with 4 units of different weights, just choose the one you prefer!

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