Not comfortable with your body? Here's how to love you more!

Undressing is always very difficult because it causes a very deep interaction: the clothes that protected us up to a second before disappear and give way to an underwear set, a bathing suit, the sports bra we use for the gym ...
We undergo hours of skincare (most of them are very pleasant and help us feel better) but are we sure that this is enough to love us more?

Loving each other is a real art, and it is a "fundamental art because it is with us that we will spend the whole of our life. There are people who see themselves too thin, some too shapely and those who are convinced that stretch marks do not have nothing beautiful The truth is that, since you are beautiful, so is everything that is part of you!

Below we suggest some little tricks to learn how to feel good physically and live in harmony with your body.

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1. Find out what you like about yourself

It may be that your thighs are a little bigger than you would like, but you want to put on how beautiful your butt is? Find your strengths and don't forget that they too contribute to making you who you are. Not just your flaws. but also the merits and, with a little training, even the faults will become merits.
Learn to love yourself first, then others will love you as a result!

2. Join the gym

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It absolutely does not mean that you have to lock yourself in the weight room and go out only when you are close to fainting, training means discovering what your limits are and exceeding them one centimeter at a time.
The lactic acid the next day will remind you how busy you were the day before and, even if your belly is not quite that toned yet, you will know that you are working for you, and for her and, above all, for you!

3. Don't compare yourself to others

Social networks, unfortunately, are full of filters. The girls you meet in the Instagram feed are probably returning from an hour of make-up and wigs, contouring and careful choice of outfits. Okay, they're wonderful, but that doesn't mean you can't be too.
Instead of wanting to be someone else, commit to being the best version of yourself: loving yourself pays off. Always!

4. Wear clothes that make you worthy

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We are all different, starting from the shape of the vagina up to weight, height, eye and hair color: this is why there are an infinite number of different dresses and models!
Do not insist on wearing old and slightly baggy clothes. They are perfect as pajamas, but there comes a certain point when you realize that you too have shapes and that it is right to find the best way to enhance yourself.
If you feel good with your clothes on, it is not excluded that you will feel good even when you have taken them off ...

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