Women's day: how do i dress? Discover the looks to copy and the most beautiful accessories!

Every March 8, Women's Day is a "special occasion to celebrate with friends, and also to dress in yellow, the color of the flower that symbolizes this anniversary, the mimosa.

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Dressing in yellow for Women's Day could translate into many different ideas. For the most determined lovers of this tradition, for example, you could even opt for a total look in the same color, choosing a long or short dress or combining a skirt or trousers with a yellow top. A mimosa effect that is easy to achieve, and also very bright and cheerful!

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The yellow clothing for your total look

To help you choose the yellow total look, here below is a choice of garments all for you: trousers or skirts, shirts or sweaters, and even some lighter garments.

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If, on the other hand, the total look frankly seems too much, then it would be better to wear only one yellow element. For example, you could choose a mimosa-colored top or shirt, and combine them with jeans, if your celebration day includes a casual tone and clothing, or a more classic skirt and jacket. The ideal combinations with yellow are endless: you could achieve an elegant look by combining yellow and black, or yellow and navy blue.

Yellow accessories for a simple touch of color

If, on the other hand, you prefer to show yellow and your party idea only in an accessory, here too you have only to choose. In the gallery below you can find everything: bags, shoes, jewelry, everything that can be used to add a single mimosa point to your look for Women's Day.

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Now that you have all the choices in front of you, and all the elements, all you have to do is decide how to combine garments and accessories. To help you out and get inspired, you can discover some yellow cast looks. There are those who wear total yellow and those who choose only one garment and then play with the colors. Discover below the look you would like to wear for your personal Women's Day!

All the yellow themed looks to copy!

Yellow look for women's day