How to dress for a wedding: our tips from clothing to accessories

How to dress for a wedding if you are invited? The business is not easy, especially if you want to make a good impression and make no mistake: clothing and accessories are obviously fundamental, and must be elegant without overdoing it, to maintain glamor and discretion. Light or otherwise discreet colors, such as quartz pink or serenity blue, avoid white or black, of course, and maybe dare a little more with formal bags and shoes: these are the main guidelines to follow. detail with us!

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To help you decide what to wear if you are invited to a wedding, we provide you with 2 golden rules to respect to the letter, and many ideas and suggestions on possible outfits.
Follow our advice on formal dresses to wear, bags and shoes to choose, and you'll make a great impression!
And don't forget the hairstyle ...

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How do i dress at a wedding? The 2 golden rules to respect

1. Avoid wearing white or black clothes

It is a tradition that has always been valid, and as such must in any case be respected: during the wedding one must avoid wearing white dresses (a color that belongs to the bride) or black, which are too reminiscent of mourning. The wedding dress deserves to be the center of attention, with the white color that reflects and stands out everywhere, and out of pure respect for the bride you should avoid dressing like her! The choice between colors is wide: colors such as red or dark gray for autumn or winter weddings, or soft, pastel or vitamin colors for spring or summer weddings.

2. Don't wear too low-cut clothes

Dresses that are too low-cut or too short are to be avoided. The idea is always to maintain a certain sobriety and elegance: a wedding is not like a cocktail party. So, in general, follow the rule of not wearing dresses that show too much breasts, or miniskirt dresses. There are exceptions to these rules of course, and you will find out if you keep reading ...

What clothes to wear to a wedding? Elegant, discreet, and not too sexy!

We come to the formal dresses to choose from, and let's start with a consideration. If you are an "guest at the wedding, and not the best man, for example, you can consider yourself more free to dress as you want. Always within the limits of discretion and elegance, as we said, a" guest can choose a more imaginative dress, or slightly less formal, compared to the best man or the bridesmaid. Green light therefore to slip dresses, even with thin straps, as long as they are not too low-cut. If you have chosen to wear a short dress, or in any case not long to the feet, choose at least a discreet color, or a floral pattern that makes the whole more delicate. Below you will find a wide selection of formal dresses recommended if you are an "guest."

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The formal dresses for plus sizes. Here are some ideas for curvy women

Plus size formal dresses have nothing to envy to others. If you are curvy and looking for an elegant dress in plus sizes, the images below can help you out. You will find clothes suitable for plus size, elegant, discreet and suitable for attending a wedding. Short and long dresses, with bare shoulders or long sleeves, according to the wedding season, soft colors but also more decisive colors, where there is no shortage of decorations such as sequins and precious embroidery. In short, plus sizes do not have to give up anything! So in general the rules that apply to all apply.

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Ceremony accessories: here's where you can be more daring!

If with the dress it is better to remain sober, since the protagonist is the bride, with the ceremony accessories such as bags and shoes you can be a little more daring. Neutral colors such as gray or pastel colors can be accompanied by sexy shoes such as sandals, also gold or silver. The same goes for bags, remembering that the ideal models are clutches or shoulder bags, in any case mini bags suitable for the occasion. You can choose to match your look with a jewel clutch for example, or with a shoulder strap with precious applications. Find out more details below!

The ceremony shoes. Why not try some sexy sandals?

The sexy element of your look for a wedding are shoes. This is where you can indulge yourself with slave sandals, glitter shoes and flower or sequin patterns. As long as the look is varied, ie avoiding a glittery total look or a single color, you can play with combinations, for example wearing silver pumps under a light pink dress, or high-heeled sandals under a suit. Discover the most interesting ceremony shoes in the photos below!

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The ceremonial bags to try: jewel clutches and mini bags

The bag of a "wedding guest must be small, discreet, elegant. The ideal is to choose an evening bag, suitable for a ceremony, such as a clutch bag or a trendy mini bag." If you choose a clutch bag, a small handbag, you could try a jewel clutch, that is a rigid and precious bag like a casket, with some decoration or a bright material. The light effect is also valid if you choose a shoulder bag, the rule is: it must be small, an authentic shoulder bag, and it would not be bad if even in this case you choose a glittery accessory, or in any case precious. The alternatives? satin, champagne color or a candy color.

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Are you the bridesmaid? Here's how to dress up!

If you are not a simple guest, but the bridesmaid, then the matter changes. Often it is the bride who chooses the dresses of the bridesmaids, studying well the color combination with that of her dress, but if you want to be useful and give suggestions to the bride, take a "look at the bridesmaid dresses below. for all budgets and all sizes!

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Do you have to be a witness? Some idea of ​​clothes suitable for the occasion

How to dress at a wedding if you are the best man or bride? The speech changes, because the label requires a more sober dress: no sexy or too low-cut dresses, better long dresses, and green light for precious decorations. We give you some ideas in the gallery below.

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