Lubricant: how to put it on and why does it increase the pleasure?

Why use lube?

During sexual intercourse, it may happen that penetration is unpleasant, both due to a lack, even if temporary, natural lubrication, and due to some external factors such as anxiety and agitation. In situations like these, lubricant comes to our aid. Adding some allows for sexual intercourse as well erotic games much more pleasant. In short, in some cases an intimate lubricant can become a precious ally: contrary to saliva which, although pleasant, then tends to evaporate and ends up leaving a smell that is not always very erotic, the lubricant eliminates all these negative elements. But, above all, it is hypoallergenic and perfectly compatible with all types of condoms, unlike petroleum jelly, which has long been used as a lubricant, which can damage latex making it porous and increasing the risk of irritation.
And then let's face it clearly, the lubricant also represents an erotic diversion that, due to its consistency and its various tastes, ignites the imagination and pushes to experimentation, with the aim of bringing a little bit of panache back into the relationship.

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Lubricants: when to use them?

The lubricant can be used in various situations: in some it promotes penetration, in others it is a remedy for some problems. In fact, first of all, intimate gels are recommended in case of vaginal dryness. The gel replaces the natural lubrication mechanism and allows you to experience again pleasant sensations at the moment of penetration. The lubricant is an indispensable ally for a sweet and pleasant anal penetration, since the anus, even when excited, does not have the lubricating function. Also strongly recommended for the use of sex toys and other objects of pleasure, as it softens the contact and avoids irritation caused by prolonged use.

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Lubricant: how to put it on?

Easy to use, the lubricant can become an extra game during foreplay. Just place a dollop of gel at the entrance to the vagina, anus or on the sex toy, just before penetration, and play with your fingertips to spread it out well. Stop the unpleasant rubbing sensation! Be careful, however, if you use it with a condom: an excessive amount would make the latex too slippery and you would risk losing it.

Don't forget: intimate lubricants facilitate the penetration, but also the transport of bacteria. To preserve the vaginal flora from possible contamination, avoid any contact of the mucosa with dirty gel. If you wish to perform anal penetration, it is best to discard the used gel and put it back on the penis before starting.

Some tricks: for those who do not like contact with a gel that is too cold on the private parts, you can always heat the lubricant by holding it for a few moments in your hands, before putting it on. On the contrary, for a thrill of pleasure, put the tube in the fridge a few hours before intercourse: you will add a touch of freshness to your pleasure!

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How to choose the lubricant gel?

As with condoms, the choice of intimate lubricants currently allows us to meet all kinds of needs and satisfy all cravings. Most gels are water-based: they do not attack, do not stain, are odorless and wash off easily. On the other hand, due to their composition, they dry out during use (especially if intercourse lasts a long time) and cannot be used in the shower or bath, because they dissolve in water. In these cases it is preferable to choose silicone-based gels, which have a much higher lubricating power and can also be used as massage oils all over the body Warning: never use a silicone-based lubricant with silicone sex toys, as they are incompatible. If in doubt, always choose a water-based intimate gel.

Instead, if you want to give your love games an irresistibly greedy flavor, play with perfumes! There is a wide selection of colored and flavored lubricants, for very tasty intimate kisses or simply spicier sexual intercourse. Strawberry, kiwi, peach, raspberry, caramel, chewing gum, chocolate or passion fruit ... you are spoiled for choice! The perfumed lubricants are edible, are free of sugars and dyes and are, therefore, 100% compatible with condoms.

If you want to discover new sensations, know that there are also hot-effect lubricants and cold-effect lubricants! These are lubricants, always based on water or silicone, to which menthol or other substances are added, thanks to which a very pleasant "hot" or "cold" effect is obtained!

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Lubricant: are there any contraindications?

More than the contraindications, these are precautions for use, which we have already mentioned above.

  • The most important - not to be overlooked even if you are passionate - is that intimate lubricants promote the spread of bacterial infections. For this it is necessary to wash off the lubricants after each penetration or sexual contact, as the dirty lubricant risks contaminating and altering the vaginal flora.
  • You also need to know how to choose the lubricant for your sexual habits: if you use silicone dildos, always and only choose water-based lubricating gels.
  • Avoid using excessive amounts of lubricant, as the condom becomes too slippery and may come off.

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