The perfect accessories for storing shoes, DIY or in the closet!

There are a few lucky women who don't have a fetish for shoes. Most, on the other hand, undoubtedly have more of it than they really need. Assuming that the need-shoes combination has reason to exist. The problem, therefore, is to find a way to arrange them better and allow us to use them all, without forgetting that pair that is too hidden under the others! We show you which accessories will help you a lot!

How to fix your shoes: some tricks

To arrange the shoes in the best way, first of all you need from the most atrocious of moments: the sorting. It is useless to pretend, we have at least one pair of shoes that we don't wear from eighth grade; a couple that we wear twice a month; our favorites; the most comfortable heels and the importable ones that we will never throw away anyway. To organize the spaces well and understand how to arrange them, we must first order them by "importance". To do this, we can use a simple piece of paper and register our loved ones one by one. Or let us be supported by wonderful post-its like these, which express the same feelings we have for shoes based on their use: "I love you", "I love you but we have to break up" and so on! Select the shoes and put one of these next to him! And if you prefer a more classic approach, there are the original colored post-its available on amazon for a few euros.

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Pros: they are really useful for a first selection of shoes and also very fun, to transform a challenging moment into something more fun!
Cons: if you are not particularly used to tidying up and selecting objects, they might be confusing.

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How to do-it-yourself shoe fix

What we want to help you create is a do-it-yourself arrangement for shoes like the one in the photo, easy version:

To arrange the shoes in a useful way especially when you have to find them, and useful if you put them in the closet, we advise you to close them in boxes, and apply labels on them. To do things right, take boxes all of the same color to which you can affix labels with indications on the shoe and on the color, like these that we propose:

The shoe boxes:


Pros: they are comfortable, practical and can be arranged in different ways, so that they can be adapted to the space available.
Cons: the color is not the brightest, so it can be a bit monotonous in the long run.

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The stickers to categorize shoes by color:
Place the shoes in your boxes and put a sticker on each box according to their color, so you can find them immediately!

© How to fix your shoes: the colored stickers

Pros: they are fun, imaginative and really offer a lot of colors,
Cons: if you don't like colors and you prefer a minimal style, maybe they are not the most suitable stickers.

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What if you have little space for shoes?

If you have little space to store your shoes you can opt for a bookshelf shoe rack, thin and space-saving, perfect to be inserted in thin spaces or to make it disappear behind a door. We offer you this one in iron on 5 levels which, thanks to the side holes, can be tightened or lengthened according to the size of the shoes:


Pros: it is slim and above all adjustable. This feature allows us to use the bookshelf shoe rack for different shoe sizes, from the smallest to the largest.
Cons: it's not particularly innovative or original, but you can always make it disappear behind a door!

Buy it on offer on Amazon for € 39.99 (€ 10.00)

Space-saving accessories for the shoe cabinet
If you already have a shoe cabinet, but the number of your shoes considerably exceeds that of the space available, try these fabulous plastic accessories: they will allow you to recover about 50% of the space you have already occupied! Also available in white on Amazon.

© How to arrange your shoes: space-saving

Pros: they are a really useful novelty for those who have little space and allow us to avoid the ... dispersion of shoes throughout the house!
Cons: they are not particularly elegant, but you can easily hide them between one shoe and the other!

Buy them on Amazon for € 20.99

How to arrange shoes at home or in the closet

Another space to take into consideration for storing shoes is that of the door of a wardrobe or the back of a door. With this suspended shoe rack, in fact, we can arrange shoes in these places and keep them well hidden. Here's how to do it:


Pros: it is thin, retractable and is perfect for sneakers, sandals or ballet flats
Cons: Not suitable for very large shoes or shoes with wedges and heels.

Buy it on Amazon for € 11.99

If, on the other hand, you want to organize the closet to store your shoes, we recommend this shoe rack in fabric that is perfect even for small spaces. It extends vertically and has a width of 15 centimeters!


Pros: the width of 15 cm allows us to insert this item even in very small spaces, as it develops in depth.
Cons: being made of fabric and coming into contact with shoes, it could get dirty more easily than expected. Although we can safely clean it with a cloth whenever we feel the need!

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