Are you going to get married? Here are 10 things to know to find the perfect wedding shoes for you!

Maybe you think that once you find the right wedding dress, everything else comes by itself, and it's easier. Yes, because choosing the dress can be really complex and, despite the fact that mothers, mothers-in-law and sisters are lined up in no particular order. cousins ​​and best friends, sometimes we get really confused. Just to give you a taste of the scenario that might present itself to you:

In fact, even the wedding shoes have a fundamental role because they must not only be beautiful and match well with the dress, but they must also be comfortable, of the right material, with the right heel height ... and many other features. that might confuse you. So here are 10 things to know to find the right wedding shoes, to have clear ideas when you enter the first store to start your search!

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1. Are they comfortable?

First of all, your wedding shoes need to be comfortable. Nobody wants to see a bride walking badly, with obvious signs of pain or discomfort on her face (which could irreparably ruin the photos of your most beautiful day)! Also because you have to deal with a challenging dress and a bouquet in your hands, not simple, right?
If you love high heels, don't be afraid to wear them on your wedding day too. The important thing is not to mistake the height of the heel: there is nothing worse than a bride dragging her feet because shoes are torture! In fact, for those who really cannot wear high heels, it is always better to opt for shoes. low wedding dresses that perfectly mix comfort and style!

© Pinterest Wide heel wedding shoes

Do you like these models? Here are some similar options available on Amazon
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Flat shoes with crystals € 40.44

2. Am I the right material?

Any bride would want dream shoes for her wedding day, be it very expensive shoes, or perhaps decorated with Swarovski crystals. Many brides know what they want, but not what they should actually wear. It may seem boring or disappointing, but any bride should also think about some practical details, to find the ideal wedding shoes.
That is why it is also important to choose shoes of the right material: cooler if you are getting married in summer, warmer if you are getting married in winter. Satin shoes are a real dream, refined and delicate, but you must also be careful about how they could become at the end of the day, especially if the wedding is held in a garden, and maybe the ground is also damp ...

© Pinterest Wedding shoes

Buy the flat pointy shoes in eco-leather and lace for € 39
Buy the décolleté model in lace and stiletto heel for € 40.39

3. How much do they cost?

And here we are at the real sore point: the price. If you have a budget, maybe even a limited one, then you have to seriously ask yourself: how much do they cost? Can I spend so much on shoes alone?
First of all, the web can be of help, and especially online stores, if only to compare the prices of the brands or models you are looking for. For example, if you want white sandals with decorations, let's say crystals or glitter, you can search online for prices and details, and understand if your desire is achievable or not. In general, wedding shoes have a price ranging from 70 euros for basic models to much higher figures, depending on the stylist of reference. With 200 euros you can buy shoes of a certain type and stay within the average price.

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4. Where will the reception take place?

The location of the reception is certainly one of the first factors to consider when choosing your wedding shoes. If the wedding will be celebrated outdoors, perhaps in a garden, a stiletto heel is certainly not ideal, because it could give you many problems walking or worse, you risk breaking it on your most beautiful day. In this case, therefore, flat and comfortable shoes are more suitable, but this certainly does not mean giving up on style! You can also think about choosing a pair of wedding shoes with decorations, but be very careful, because in the middle of nature they could get damaged. For color, classic white is just fine, but if you're afraid of getting your shoes dirty, shades like cream or pastel pink are better suited to hide any grass or ground stains.
On the contrary, if the reception is held indoors, you can really choose the wedding shoes you like best. Smooth, decorated, white or colored, you are really spoiled for choice!

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5. How do the shoes match the dress?

The most obvious thing is to try to match the wedding shoes to the dress. You need to know the proportions of the dress very well, in order to choose the right heel height. A too high heel would make the dress fall badly, and this would be noticed. Conversely, too low a heel could create an involuntary train effect, where the train is not there!
If you wear a very long dress for your wedding, which covers your shoes, don't fall into the terrible mistake of choosing the most comfortable but least elegant shoe just because "nobody sees them anyway": that's not the case at all! During the wedding, in fact, there will be many moments in which your dress, however long, will not be able to hide what you are wearing on your feet (while you are sitting during the ceremony, for example, or during the first dance with your new husband. ).
If, on the other hand, you have opted for a short wedding dress, like these, then you can have fun choosing the shoes you want, perhaps even more showy and precious than ever:

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© Pronovias Short wedding dresses - Pronovias short wedding dress

6. Have you chosen a wedding theme?

In the States it is now a custom: Americans choose a theme for their wedding, a sort of guideline to align the style of everything (perhaps to make things easier too). And in fact, the theme often comes by itself: if the ceremony and reception take place in spring, on a meadow or in a farm in the countryside, then the dress and shoes should also harmonize with the theme, perhaps choosing something light. , simple, with shoes not too high. If instead it is held in winter, in a classic style reception hall, then the theme could be "old Russia", and you could choose a princely dress and shoes, or even boots, precious and ornate.

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7. When to buy shoes?

Of course, as for the dress, also for wedding shoes it is better to provide a certain advance for the purchase. Around four months before the big day is perfect, because the advance allows you, on the one hand, to make all the tests of the dress with shoes, so that the changes are also functional to this important accessory; on the other hand, we all know how annoying (and, in some cases, even painful) it is to wear a new pair of shoes. Being able to try them on for short periods of time before the wedding will allow you to get your foot used to the shoe and vice versa, making it more comfortable; moreover, if you have opted for a pair of wedding shoes with heels, you can play in advance and get used to the height, especially if you don't usually wear heels in everyday life. Don't overdo it! If worn for too long, your beautiful wedding shoes could get damaged, but we'll talk about that in a moment ...

© Pinterest Wedding shoes with jewel applications

8. When and how to try on shoes?

We have two valuable tips for you on shoe fitting:
1. Wear your shoes before the wedding day, with thick socks, and above all, heat the parts of the foot that tend to get irritated by contact with the shoe with the hair dryer, before putting them on the wedding day!
2. Grab an old pair of pantyhose, cut them to knee height and put your feet in wearing your wedding shoes. That way you can train yourself to wear those shoes BEFORE the big day, and you won't get your soles around the house dirty.

9. How to prepare?

A pre-wedding pedicure is almost mandatory. Not only is it helpful, it will also make you feel more comfortable with yourself, and this will even help the walk down the aisle!
For the choice of nail polish: never too flashy colors, better a nude color, and if you wear sandals choose discreet colors anyway. Do you want to dare red? Okay, as long as everything else isn't so flashy ...

10. Where to get inspiration from?

To get inspiration on the right shoes, the web is your best ally. Have you ever heard of Pinterest? This is the most comfortable and complete social network in terms of inspiration! The more shoes you find and compare, the clearer your ideas will be. Besides, it's great fun too.

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