How to choose the right foundation for your skin: 5 things to know to avoid making mistakes!

Choosing the right foundation is one of the most important beauty gestures to achieve flawless makeup and look more beautiful. In fact, it is often thought that to make the most of one's face, one should focus everything on mascara, eye shadows and blushes, underestimating the importance of a uniform and smooth complexion that only a good foundation is able to give us. The foundation is in fact fundamental for this purpose and, in addition to giving us a uniform color and covering any imperfections and discontinuities of the skin, it also allows us to protect it from atmospheric agents, pollution and stress, defending it from possible irritation and redness.

But be careful: so that the foundation does not turn into an enemy, but enhances us and our make-up at its best, it is necessary to find what is right for us. Contrary to what one might think, finding the perfect foundation for us is not that difficult. So, how to choose the right foundation for our skin type? Below we suggest 5 practical tips to make no mistake and find the one that suits you best!

1. Choose an effective product that, in addition to making you beautiful, is also good for your skin!

Before talking about texture and color - two fundamental aspects for choosing the most suitable foundation for our skin type - let's start with a very important move: choosing the right product. It is in fact essential that the chosen product is not only able to enhance us, but also that it is good for our skin. In fact, the goal of a good foundation must not only be to make the complexion more uniform immediately and allow us to face the day more beautiful and safer than us, but also to take care of our skin over time.

Fortunately, there is a brand on the market that has combined these two missions: bareMinerals has in fact chosen to create make-up and skincare products that, in addition to celebrating the natural beauty of women, also care about the health of their skin. In fact, bareMinerals products improve the appearance of the skin over time, enhancing it every day with care and in the most natural and pure way possible. This is also thanks to the choice of ingredients, rich in minerals, effective plant extracts and non-chemical sunscreens.

The idea of ​​the brand is precisely to focus on products that are as pure as possible, without sacrificing their performance and effectiveness: this is why, if appropriate, bareMinerals carefully chooses pure synthetic components to combine with ingredients of natural origin to obtain better effectiveness, always respecting our skin.

You will therefore understand how much a foundation that, in addition to making you beautiful, also thinks about taking care of your skin, is the best choice!

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2. Choose the texture that best suits your skin type

And now we come to a fundamental aspect: choosing the most suitable texture for your skin type! That's right, to choose the right foundation you must first consider what type of skin you have and opt for a texture that respects and enhances it to the fullest.

An effective and delicate texture, suitable for all skin types is that in free powder. This is why bareMinerlas Original Foundation SPF15 is the ideal choice whatever your skin type. It is a powder foundation without talc or silicones, composed of 5 mineral ingredients, able to guarantee a light to total coverage without the make-up being heavy and a naturally luminous finish, without causing the unpleasant shiny effect.

Thanks to its ability not to clog pores and indeed, to reduce the visibility of dilated pores and imperfections, it is a particularly versatile choice for all skin types. Not only that, its luminous finish combined with the ability not to accumulate in superficial expression lines and not to cause breakouts or acne make it ideal even for the most sensitive skin.

However, if your skin is particularly oily and your primary need is to counteract excess sebum and reduce the shine, you can opt for the bareMinerals Matte Foundation SPF15. Its matte finish and powder texture make it a real cure-all for oily and impure skin. In fact, for this type of skin, it is better to avoid liquid and cream textures, which could increase the shiny effect, and opt for powders, which guarantee an opaque finish able to keep excess sebum under control.

If, on the other hand, you have very dry skin and your goal is to moisturize and nourish, you can opt for bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30. It is a colored moisturizing gel cream, containing minerals, plant extracts and antioxidants, capable of guaranteeing refreshing and intense hydration and luminous coverage, two fundamental conditions for skins that suffer from particular dryness.

What about acne-prone skin? In this case, it is good to choose a specific product, such as Blemish Rescue Skin-Clearing Loose Powder Foundation, a loose powder foundation containing salicylic acid, which soothes, reduces and covers acne and imperfections for a healthier-looking complexion. It is a non-comedogenic product that does not clog the pores, helps to keep the shiny effect under control throughout the day and guarantees the natural hydration of the skin, instantly improving its texture.

3. Make sure you choose the right color!

After identifying the texture that best suits you, we just have to proceed with another fundamental step: the choice of color.

You should always make sure you choose a foundation that is the same tone as your skin or a half tone lighter. Absolutely avoid buying a darker one because it would emphasize imperfections and cause unsightly color differences between the face and neck. But how to understand which color is right for us? Quite simply, if you will feel it invisible on your skin: the foundation should not tan or color your skin, but should even out the complexion, smooth it and cover blemishes, marks and imperfections. Then try to spread a small amount on the jaw, and if not you will notice the difference, it means you are on the right track.

Before you get to identify the right color and do the "jaw test", however, you need to understand which is the most suitable shade for you: cold, warm or neutral. But how to find out? Just check your wrist veins:

  • if the color is blue / purplish it means that you have a cold skin undertone, so the ideal foundation color for you will be in shades of pink.
  • if the color is green / blue it means that you have a warm skin undertone, so the ideal foundation color for you will be beige or golden tones.
  • if the color is blue it means that you have a neutral undertone, so you can opt for a foundation in neutral tones of beige.

At this point, once you have identified your undertone, explore the various shades of that color (pink, beige-golden or neutral beige) and trying them on the jaw, you will easily find the foundation color that best matches your complexion. . Choose brands that have a wide range of shades for their lines, allowing you to easily find a product that matches your skin tone. bareMinerlas has always presented a diverse range of shades including the one that best suits your complexion.

4. Pay attention to the lights to choose the right foundation

Remember to pay attention to artificial lights that can distort colors. To carefully evaluate the yield and shade of the foundation you try, you should expose yourself to sunlight or make sure you are not under too cold and unnatural lighting. This is a little trick to avoid unpleasant surprises at home, after purchasing the produced with great care. In fact, artificial lighting could alter the perception of the color of the product and also that of your skin, which is why it is recommended to pay more attention and make a check under a light as natural as possible, remembering to always favor the shade closest to that of your complexion or possibly a slightly lighter tone. Obviously, together with this precious make-up during the purchase phase, also remember to remove make-up thoroughly before proceeding with the color test, avoiding leaving residues of other products on your skin. For example, if you already know you need to buy a foundation, avoid wearing makeup like this to facilitate your choice and find the perfect shade for you without running the risk of making a mistake.

5. Pay attention to the color of your skin in the summer months!

Remember to do another color test in the summer months, when your skin will inevitably be darker and tanned. Even if only slightly, the complexion will change its base color and a wrong foundation could highlight any marks and imperfections.

From the end of May until the end of summer, carry out your color test, applying a small amount of foundation in the center of the cheek, so as to choose the color most similar to your complexion and enhance it to perfection with an impeccable make-up even for the Summer months. It is a small move, apparently insignificant, which can however prove to be really useful. After all, you know, it's the details that make the difference!

But also pay attention to the texture of the foundation, not just the color, in the hottest months of the year. That's right, never as in this period our skin requires products with a light touch, which are not heavy and excessively covering, conditions that are not exactly optimal. with heat, humidity and high temperatures. In these months, therefore, choose a delicate and light covering texture but that does not leave you a feeling of heaviness on the skin. In this sense, free powder foundations are ideal whose coverage can be modulated according to the your needs: just apply a delicate touch on the face and your complexion will be adequately covered and protected, without however experiencing a mask effect sensation. The gel cream texture is also perfect, delicate and fresh and able to guarantee the right hydration. together with a naturally luminous finish. Finally, don't forget the sun protection factor, a true ally of the beauty of our skin !

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