How to choose underwear to enhance your shapes

Underwear accompanies us every day and, even if hidden for most of the day, it represents a key garment to enhance the shapes of our body. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right one that allows us to enhance curves and lines without mortifying our body. So, just as we dress according to our body, so we must choose the underwear according to the shape of our body. Let's start from the various types of body to understand what ours is:

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The problem arises because, even if the underwear is definitely a question of personality and what makes us feel comfortable, often our choices of taste or "sensation" do not coincide with how good it could really be. Let's take a little quiz. to see how true it is: our way of being will lead us to choose a bra among these proposed, but will it be the right one for our body? After discovering it, immerse yourself in our guide to the perfect underwear for our body!

The underwear for a pear or triangle shape

Having a pear-shaped body means having the part above the body smaller than the hips: shoulders, breasts and chest on a small waist that falls more sinuously on the wide hips. What should we aim for with such a physicist? We have two options: we can try to widen the upper part, focusing on a padded bra that also widens the shoulders and a slightly high-cut Brazilian to enhance the hips. Or we can focus on a high-waisted bra top and pant a bit "50s" to enhance the waist, especially in summer.

Underwear to avoid: if you have a triangle or pear shape, it would be better to avoid underpants with a too low waist or thongs that are too thin, which would not emphasize the curves of the hips in the right way. Also avoid push-ups that tighten the breasts too much towards the center, blocking the horizontal extension of the bust.

The underwear for a rectangle body

The rectangle body is that of a very slender body, basically thin, with shoulders almost as wide as the pelvis. The hips are not very pronounced and are more or less the same width as the waist. In short, we are talking about a mostly proportionate and slender physique. In this case, what you have to do is highlight the curves, trying to accentuate them. How? Opting for a very low-waisted panty, so as to make your butt and hips stand out. For the bra choose something thin on the shoulders, perhaps without padding, which wraps the breasts in a natural way!

Underwear to avoid: if you have a rectangular body, you should avoid high-waisted panties or bustiers, because they would not stand out the curves but would force them into a rectangular shape. No even to bandeau bras that crush the breasts, interrupting the curved lines!

Underwear for an apple or heart shape

If you have an apple (or heart) body par excellence, you will have large breasts with a pelvis and hips that are narrower than the upper part. The primary goal is to make your breasts comfortable by supporting and wrapping them in the right way. You will probably need a reinforced bra with cups and underwire. Choose a wide bra that can accommodate the breasts in the cup and not squeeze them in any of its parts. Opt for low-rise panties, perhaps thongs or periziomi, to highlight the curves that are less noticeable than the breasts.

Underwear to avoid: avoid top or high-necked bras that would mortify the breasts and make them appear even more "disproportionate". Also avoid vintage or very high-waisted culottes that thin the hips, especially if they are black or very dark colors.

The underwear for an hourglass body

The hourglass body is for many the proportional body par excellence, because shoulders and pelvis are wide and tighten on a fairly small waist, creating harmonious and soft curves. Those with this type of body can opt for a balconette bra or a bralette, to lift the breasts, even when not very big. A pant with a not too low waist, to balance the curves between the hips and the butt and that's it!

Underwear to avoid: if you have an hourglass body, avoid very sporty culottes that would mortify the sinuous curves of the body, as well as bandeau bras that crush the breasts, also enlarging the appearance of the upper body.

The underwear for an inverted triangle physique

The triangle physique is the typical physique of a sportswoman or swimmer, with the shoulders set and well pronounced in relation to the pelvis and hips. He is a handsome physique, but he must emphasize the curved lines in spite of the already preponderant straight ones. Opt for a bra that gives a nice support, even with only lace and underwire and that rounds even the most pointy breasts. Then choose a Brazilian panty that in itself draws more than a curve on the B side.

Underwear to avoid: avoid low-waisted culottes which, instead of accentuating the curves in the lower part, could flatten and masculinize them. Avoid too wide bra straps which would increase the extension of the shoulders.

The perfect underwear for a curvy woman

Given that, at least in principle, every body is attributable to the physical forms described above, curvy women may have different needs, especially to support and enhance more important curves or a beautiful prosperous breast. In fact, even if mother nature gives us sinuous curves, we must learn to dress whether we are prosperous, or if we have a little belly, just to enhance all the strengths. Plenty of room for lace and colors, as well as cozy bras and 1950s culottes. In short, if you are curvy women, take inspiration from this underwear to feel at the top!

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