How to defrost the fridge quickly in 5 simple steps!

How to defrost the fridge quickly and most effectively? Of course, defrosting the fridge is never fun, but unfortunately it is one of those household chores that just can't be left out. Unless you have a self-defrosting no frost fridge, you cannot avoid defrosting the fridge regularly to prevent excessive ice formation from ruining your appliance by exerting too much pressure. And ice damage is often irreversible: the plastic or the pipes themselves could crack, creating injuries.

Defrosting the fridge is also important because the more ice there is in your fridge, the more electricity is wasted: the appliance will burn more energy to operate, up to 20% more than a clean fridge, and the bill price! How often should it be defrosted? At least twice a year, preferably during the change of seasons or before leaving on vacation to be able to leave it open and avoid bad smells!

So let's find out together how to defrost the fridge quickly in 5 simple steps. But in the meantime, if your fridge is empty, here are some nice remedies for you to remedy ...

1. How to quickly defrost the fridge? First, empty it

How to defrost the fridge without first emptying it? Impossible! The first move to make, therefore, will be to empty the refrigerator. Start by unplugging the appliance and free all the shelves. Also free the freezer and take care to store all the food in special cooler bags or inside thermal bags.

It goes without saying that you will have to try to be as quick as possible in completing the overall operation: the more time passes, the more the products will risk spoiling. Also remember to turn the thermostat knob to zero, then proceed by removing the shelves and placing some rags. on the lower level of the fridge and all around as a precaution.

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2. Speed ​​up the process with hot water

So that the fridge can be defrosted in the best possible way and, above all, as quickly as possible, you can help the defrosting process by equipping yourself with pans full of hot water. Place them inside the freezer, so that the ice can melt more easily.

To further help the process, you can also use rags soaked in hot water, which you will then pass inside your fridge.

3. Proceed with cleaning the fridge

What to do while the ice melts and your fridge defrosts? What a question: clean it! Clean the fridge by first emptying it of every drawer and shelf. Start by cleaning them one by one, starting with the top one. Wash the parts that you have extracted using hot water and bicarbonate, useful for being able to sanitize better and prevent bad odors. Some water and vinegar will work as well, especially if you have mold problems.

Then proceed with cleaning the internal walls. In this case, use a spray nozzle and always use hot water together with bicarbonate. Spray on the walls of the fridge and rub with a microfiber cloth. In the case of stubborn stains, you can rub the product and leave it to act before cleaning with cloth. Once you've finished cleaning, consider using a specific odor-absorbing product.

4. Clean the freezer to best defrost the fridge

After cleaning the inside of the fridge, complete the operation by switching to the freezer. This is the most difficult area because that is where all the ice thickens. At this point, in reality, it should already have melted, but if you still see some in solid form, proceed to scrape it. To do this, you can use a special spatula.

After removing any residual ice and placing it in a basin or thrown directly into the sink, wash the internal walls here too with a microfibre rag, rubbing the mixture of water and bicarbonate properly. Then clean with a dry cloth.

5. Turn your refrigerator back on and put it back on

And here we are at the last stage of the operation. After defrosting and cleaning the fridge properly, you can plug it in again and turn it back on.Adjust the thermostat to a higher level than usual, so that it can cool down quickly and that you can put food items back into the freezer as soon as possible. Do this only when you have seen some light frost reform.

When reinserting the food, make sure that the containers and packages are dry and avoid placing them on the bottom, in contact with the wall. You will facilitate the distribution of the cold! If you decide instead to defrost the fridge before leaving for the holidays (excellent choice!), Please leave the plug unplugged and the doors open, in order to avoid bad smells!

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