How to clean mosquito nets without taking them apart (and without damaging them!)

Clogs of spring? Awakening of the senses, yes, but also cleaning. Obviously with the awakening of nature, not only plants bloom and so do our allergies, but also animals and insects return to invade the countryside, roads and homes. So many of us protect their homes with the use of mosquito nets. Yet this convenient protection needs to be cleaned and disinfected, otherwise it could turn from a protective filter into a generator of dust, dirt, smog residues and germs, invited to enter the house along with the cool summer breeze. Because there are many things, which we don't always think about, but which should be cleaned often ...

How to clean the mosquito nets in a superficial way

Rule No. 1: attention. Whether the mosquito net is mobile or fixed, made of metal or plastic, it is generally very delicate. In fact, being a net, unless it is soft and removable, it could tear and cleaning would cause more damage than anything else. To begin with, to remove the outermost smog, wipe a cloth moistened with hot water and vinegar over the entire surface, going from top to bottom. a good idea could be to close the window while disinfecting the mosquito net In general, a closed roller shutter could also prove to be a valid support for cleaning the net.

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How to clean mosquito nets by thoroughly degreasing

After this first more superficial degreasing, you can move on to the second coat, always using a cloth soaked, but this time in warm water and Marseille soap. Using the degreasing soap most of the residues should dissolve, remembering that the password is delicacy. After this second pass, rinse the soap, always with a damp cloth.
Another option would be to use steam, through the special vertical spray of the vaporizers. This option is also degreasing but more suitable for metal mosquito nets.

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Spring cleaning? Here's how, look:

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