How to clean and sanitize your home quickly and well

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Cleaning and sanitizing the house quickly and well is not a walk in the park, but there are some tricks that can simplify our work and that allow us to reach our goals quickly and with a result that goes beyond expectations. Of course, you cannot improvise and proceed according to instinct. To clean well and quickly you need an action plan, you need to know the right products to use and above all to think also in the long term, that is to understand how to manage the hygiene of the house between one cleaning and another. Because consistency helps as always. These little tricks will help us even when we know of a sudden visit and we have the house upside down. In short, we propose a methodology that you can use in all emergency cases, without sacrificing the quality of the final result. You are ready?

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Prioritize before taking action

It is useless to deny that often, when we have little time and so many things to do, we panic and start doing 10 things at the same time, the final result of which is the collapse of our nerves and, most likely, of everything we have between hands. So what is the first rule to follow when time is running out and we have to clean and sanitize the house? Establish priorities and then move on to action. Here is a list of actions to take before moving on to actual home hygiene:

  • step 1: choose the rooms to devote attention to. The choice depends on how much time you really have, which will allow you to understand whether to dedicate yourself to two rooms or to the whole house. Imagine that unexpected guests arrive and the house is not at the top, focus only on the bathroom and the room where you will welcome them, so they will have the impression that everything is perfect.
  • step 2: put in place all the things you left in a mess before starting any kind of cleaning. If you spend most of your time in the living room, you will probably have left a large amount of things there that could perfectly fit elsewhere. In short, remove everything that is in the way of cleaning and fix it in its place.
  • step 3: open the windows and ventilate. Very often, in fact, we forget to do it or we do it just to dry the floors. Instead, changing the air in the rooms is not only very important for health, but also allows us to change smells and allow the spaces to breathe, contributing at 360 ° to making that environment cleaner and more hygienic.

Use the right products to be faster and more accurate

To clean the house quickly and well, you need to choose the right products, that is, those able to satisfy both needs: to be quick and to guarantee hygiene and perfume. In essence, it is useless to surround yourself with millions of products or tools, especially when you have little time. Take products for dusting, those for washing on the ground and a product that helps you sanitize surfaces, such as multi-surface sanitizing wipes, perfect for removing germs and bacteria, grease or burnt food residues from surfaces, outside and inside the house. These wipes are also perfect for sanitizing kitchen and bathroom surfaces and even tables and chairs. Here are our favorites, whose advantage is also that of having the essence of Eucalyptus, known for its balsamic properties that refresh the environment even more!

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Don't wait too long between house cleaning

The secret to being able to afford a quick cleaning, even if thorough, is to maintain a certain frequency between one cleaning and another. We cannot deny that, if at least once a week we do a proper cleaning, taking some time to devote ourselves to all the details of our home, it goes without saying that the following ones will be faster, because we are sure that it will be enough. our sanitizing wipe to keep everything clean and away from bacteria. How do we know how often it is necessary to clean the house? Certainly a little bit of feeling too, because we realize when the house is in a less than optimal condition. However, there are some basic rules that offer us a sort of calendar depending on what type of cleaning we want to do:

  • even every day: tidy up objects, do the dishes and sanitize the house with wipes.
  • once a week: remove dust thoroughly, wash ashore and focus on bathroom hygiene and shower cleanliness.
  • once a month: wash the windows, move the furniture to remove dust well, wash the doormat and curtains.
  • once every 3-6 months: clean the mattress, thoroughly wash the fridge, oven and washing machine
  • at least twice a year: disinfect the air conditioners to avoid any kind of problem that derives from the bad cleaning of the latter. Wanting even more frequently, but at least 2 times a year, also focus on the mosquito nets.

By following this pattern you will make your daily cleaning and your life much easier