How to experience more pleasure in bed: here are 5 tips

There are still many women who are unable to reach orgasm, who wonder how to do it or who are satisfied with what their partner can give, without requiring real personal pleasure. pleasure with partner while making love? With these 5 tips it will be more beautiful to make love, and it must be, because making love is a source of great benefits:

1. Experiment on yourself

The benefits of autoeroticism are innumerable: get to know yourself, relate to your pleasure, experience how far you can go and get in touch and empathy with your body. Practicing masturbation regularly will help you not only to know yourself but also to discover your pleasure independently: whether it is with your fingers, with a sex toy, with an erotic film, it is important that the knowledge of your pleasure begins with you.

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2. Claim positions that can help you ...

Did you know that there are a series of positions that are more suitable for achieving the "female orgasm or in any case more suitable for female pleasure? The arousal of the woman or the penetration for many is not enough, only the clitoral stimulation (maybe help yourself with a couple sex toys suitable) leaves room for orgasm and pleasure. So ask your partner to at least experiment some positions that are more right for you, like these:

3. Train and train it!

Did you know that physical exercise before making love helps to excite you more easily and the chances of you having an orgasm increase? So not only is it important to keep fit, as you prefer, with a sport. It also seems to have several benefits to practice pelvic floor exercises: among these there are the Kegel exercises which among other things would increase sexual performance by 47%!

4. Choose comfortable situations

You don't have to make love following certain prescribed and agreed canons. Find out how you prefer to make love, without feeling constrained by standard rules. If it were on a table in the kitchen with the lights out, so be it, if it helps you feel good about yourself. The setting and the feeling of being at ease with yourself and with your partner is essential to feel pleasure, not treat the topic superficially!

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5. Don't be too demanding

A secret to really enjoying it to the fullest? Just enjoy. Having a thousand expectations about sex and above all the claim of having to enjoy and maybe reach orgasm creates nothing but anxiety and anguish. Focusing only on pleasure, exchange, personal and other people's emotions and sensations is the only way to truly let go. Concentrate more on the journey than on the destination: and you will arrive with more satisfaction and perhaps you will arrive without realizing it (with some help maybe, look