How to protect your skin from the sun and pollution: 5 good habits to follow

Some recent studies have shown that 80% of the signs of deterioration and damage to the skin are not due to genetic factors, but to exposure to UV rays.
Therefore, what scientists call Exposome plays a key role, which can be defined as the set of all factors not related to genetics and which includes environmental exposures including smoking, nutrition, stress, sleep and above all pollution and UV rays.

These last two factors, in particular, have developed over time - also thanks to the hole in the ozone - the ability to attack our skin in a particularly dangerous way. It is therefore of fundamental importance to protect the epidermis always and at best to keep it not only beautiful and young, but also healthy.

Not only; for skin that is always at the top, there are habits and lifestyles that should be adopted immediately.
We reveal 5 of them, to be put into practice with perseverance and good will!

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1. Keep your skin hydrated and above all always protected

The role of UV rays, in particular of long UVAs, and their impact on the skin has been objectively studied and in 2013 the relevance of daily UV exposure on 298 subjects was quantified, thus showing that 80% of the signs of skin damage is due to sun exposure.
Pigmentation, skin texture, imperfections, are the signs on which UV radiation has the greatest influence.

Far from wanting to demonize the sun and its beneficial effects on our organism and our psyche, however, it must be increasingly remembered how it is of fundamental importance to protect the skin from the rays: not only when we are on the beach, but also in the city and also when the sky it's cloudy. It should also be emphasized that if we are in urban places, where in addition to the sun's rays there is also a more or less marked dose of pollution, there is a cumulative effect: the so-called photo-pollution.

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2. Use an effective cream

When it comes to skin damage, it goes without saying that even the choice of an effective cream can make a difference in making sure that the epidermis is at its best and protected.
To best meet this goal, the Vichy Laboratories have formulated Slow Âge, a cosmetic treatment that combines 3 active ingredients and a filter that also protects against long UVAs, to counteract the signs of damage already in their preliminary stage.

The three exceptional active ingredients present in the formula are: baicalin, antioxidant root extract, bi fi dus derived from a probiotic that makes the skin more resistant to aggression, and Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, which regenerates and rebalances the skin, making it stronger.
Wide spectrum UVA / UVB filters, carefully selected for a unique sensoriality, complete the formula.

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Do not forget, then, that in order for the active ingredients of the cream to penetrate the epidermis in the best possible way and are therefore more effective, the skin must be perfectly cleansed and cleansed.
In addition to daily skincare, this is why we recommend a scrub at least once a week, which frees the pores of impurities and dead cells.
In this video an "excellent recipe for a BIO scrub to be made at home with a few very simple ingredients.

3. Follow a healthy diet

That is, rich in antioxidants, essential to protect yourself from the harmful effects of free radicals. In addition to endogenous antioxidants - produced directly by our body - such as superoxide dismutase, catalase and the most effective antioxidant, glutathione, there are antioxidants that come from the outside, in particular from the diet.

Some substances present in food are in fact able to intervene favorably in detoxification processes, activating biological systems of natural shelter and protection.
These natural antioxidants are vitamins A, C, E, selenium, carotenoids, lycopene, coenzyme Q-10 and lipoic acid.

Where are? Browse this gallery and discover the most precious foods to protect and strengthen our skin.

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4. Get adequate rest, sleep at least 7 hours a night

Who sleeps does not catch fish? Maybe, but it slows down the skin damage process, which is no small feat! Numerous researches have shown how poorly and poorly sleeping speeds up this process and slows down cell turnover: therefore we just have to reverse the route.
A good sleep is restorative, but not only: it is important for the growth and regeneration of various physiological systems, including the skin.

Data from a study published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology they only confirm these theses: women who sleep more and accustomed to quality sleep age better.
Furthermore, in the beginning, women with poor quality sleep had significantly higher levels of transdermal water loss. A quality sleep gives 30% more in the recovery of the skin barrier.

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5. Engage in physical activity

It is now well established that physical activity is beneficial for our body and for our health. But perhaps not everyone knows that it can also be beneficial for our skin.

Sports activity - if carried out regularly and calibrated according to one's age and needs - in fact improves the disposal mechanisms by enhancing the activity of endogenous antioxindants. That's why physical exercise makes people who practice it consistently look more beautiful and younger! A little trick: choose a sport you love and do not force yourself into activities that weigh heavily on you and are not in your strings. Even a simple walk at a fast pace in nature, for example, to be practiced with a certain constancy, it can be an excellent detoxifying exercise to restore oxygen to your body and help your skin to remain more beautiful and healthy. The important thing is that you take the time to physical exercise with a certain periodicity, so as to guarantee a continuous exchange and benefit from it for your body and your psyche.

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