Make your hair shine: how to protect it from heat and make it healthy and strong

Exposing your hair to heat is essential for all of us.
Whether it is during the summer, when the sun risks damaging them, or when it is cold and we must necessarily dry them well before going out.

Especially in this case, to save time, we put the hair dryer to the maximum to dry the hair, but this, of course, has repercussions, in the long term.
The hair gets dry, dehydrated and styling it with an iron and a straightener only makes the situation worse.
In short: protecting our hair from heat sources is something that must be done all year round and is the only way to keep it healthy and shiny from root to tip.
Goodbye split ends and "straw" effect.

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Imetec Bellissima My Pro STEAM


How many times have you heard that using the straightener too much is bad for your hair?
Most of the time it's true!
Frequent use of straighteners and irons can actually dehydrate your hair and make it damaged faster.
The new Imetec Bellissima straightener is perfect for those who can't help but pass the straightener every time they wash their hair.
First of all it is made of ceramic and its blades are tilting like the best professional straighteners, which makes it perfect for both straight hair and more wavy and voluminous styles.
But the real gem is that this plate is steamed!
Just fill the tank and pass it on the hair to obtain a perfectly smooth but at the same time hydrated and shiny style.
The price is really affordable, if you think about the fact that this plate is also perfect for professional use.

Buy on Amazon for € 59.99 (25% discount)

Ghd Hair Protection - 120 Ml


The GHD Spray creates an invisible film on damp or dry hair that protects them from the high temperatures they are subjected to every day. It is formulated with a Heat Protection System and can be combined with other products to achieve the desired results.
Spray it on damp hair and make sure it is well distributed over the entire length before using the hair dryer or straightener.

Buy on Amazon for € 14.55 (11% discount)

Kérastase Nutritive Fondant Nutri-Thermique Milk Care for Dry Hair, 200 ml


This from Kerastase is a mask especially suitable for very dry and fine hair.
It is important to apply it only on the lengths and not on the roots, being very nourishing, it could grease the hair on the surface.
It is essential to nourish fine hair with masks because when they are damaged, they become particularly fragile. Use it in the summer after the sea, or once a week, before proceeding with drying and styling!

Buy on Amazon for € 25.79 (14% discount)

Tigi Hair Care, Catwalk Sleek Mystique Haute Iron Spray, 200 ml


The Spray Catwalk Tigi is a thermal protection spray that repairs your hair from damage caused by heat while keeping your hair healthy and always shiny. it is enriched with an exclusive formula based on natural ingredients (Lychee, Rice Bran and Honeysuckle oil) that smoothes and gives shine to your hair, eliminating frizz. Create an effective protective screen that enhances the brightness of your hair because it is resistant up to 232 ° C.

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