How to eat healthy? These Instagram accounts give us a hand!

Fruit is the queen of any shot and flax and quinoa are the magicians of a light meal. 10 Instagram accounts remind us that color, flavor and health can go hand in hand and ... help us with the bikini!


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Ella Woodward is one of the undisputed queens of food-themed accounts. He has about 766,000 followers and, in addition to showing us what he eats, he also shares shots of his sporting activity: to feel good, cooking is not enough!


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Almost 130,000 followers for Sara Forte, a girl who divides her profile between salads, breakfast and shots of her son. And "a woman with her feet on the ground and nature is the absolute protagonist!


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Berry and grilled vegetable smoothies: Sarah B. has thus gained 236,000 followers on Instagram. The girl also has a blog, which has the same name as her Instagram profile, and has recently written a cookbook!


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224,000 people follow this account which aims to take care of our person starting with food. From vegetable quiche to vegetarian empanadillas: one dish seems to be better than the other!


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Two sisters passionate about cooking have 210,000 followers. Organic food and authors of the book The art of eating well: they fascinated everyone!


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Grace is a young vegan who loves to cook: her fruit creations will make you fall in love with her!


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Sasha Gill is 20 years old, consumes fruit, vegetables and being vegan she does not consume dairy products. His mini pizzas look delicious!


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Oats in all its nuances: we have already tried to take inspiration from these creations!


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At just 24, the Portuguese Joana N.S. has a colorful and very simple account. We are already hungry!


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Even the eye wants its part and ... with this account it is really difficult to remain indifferent!

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