How to get rid of plastic: 5 products for everyday life that make a difference!

Your favorite bar serves cocktails with plastic straws. At the supermarket, fruits and vegetables are often packed in plastic packaging. All the cosmetics you use are in tubes and bottles, also made of plastic. Avoiding plastic really seems impossible, right? Yet, in our small way we can do a lot to safeguard the planet. In this article, you will discover our tips for saving on plastic in everyday life!

Why is plastic bad for us and the environment?

We know that plastic is harmful to the environment and to our health. But why is it so? First of all, because plastic takes up to 1000 years to degrade. Not only that: when it begins to degrade it breaks down into thousands of pieces and becomes microplastic, with a size of less than 5 millimeters. Unfortunately, the microplastic ends up floating in the sea and being swallowed by fish and other animals, even ending up on our tables. Even in honey, milk and drinking water traces have already been discovered of microplastics!

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Basically, through our huge consumption of plastic, we are poisoning not only the planet but also ourselves. The consequences will not be known immediately, but will become so over time: obesity, allergies, heart disease and cancer will become more and more frequent, and marine species (and not only) will eventually disappear.

What can we do?

Thinking negative, of course, does not lead to anything good: there are many tricks that we can adopt in our daily life to improve the situation! Of course, cutting the use of plastic cleanly from one day to the next is impossible, but starting to reduce plastic consumption is still a big help we can give to the environment. In fact, if everyone in the world minimized consumption and production plastic, the difference would be huge! If you are interested in learning more about how to live a life without waste, here are 5 accessories that will help you reduce your impact on the planet!

1. The glass straws


Whether it's a granita, a Coca-Cola or a Spritz, it's much more fun to drink your favorite drinks from a straw. But a plastic straw has an average usage of a few minutes, and it will take 1000 years to decompose! Fortunately, there are many alternatives to plastic straws, such as glass, steel and even bamboo straws, which respect the environment and are even more chic. The glass straw is our favorite, because it has no flavor and can be washed normally. The next time you go to an aperitif with your friends, you can show it off and lead by example!

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2. The canvas bags


We already know: plastic bags are harmful to the environment, not to mention that they are horrible to see sown around. Fortunately, biodegradable bags have been present in our supermarkets for some time, but have canvas bags at hand. multipurpose can make a huge difference, especially when you happen to be shopping in stores that still use plastic bags. Just keep one in your handbag at all times, and that's it! Moreover, if you are a "decoupage lover, you can customize them as you prefer.

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3. The solid shampoo without plastic


Shampoos, bubble baths and personal care products are not only harmful to the environment because of their plastic packaging, but also because of their content: they often contain microplastics that enter the wastewater and disperse in the environment afterwards. every shower. Fortunately, solid shampoos and shower gels with low environmental impact packaging, made of ecological and natural ingredients (which in addition are good for our skin and the health of our hair) are becoming increasingly popular. With a solid shampoo you also save on expenses, since a solid shampoo pack replaces at least two bottles of liquid shampoo!

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4. The water filter jug


Did you know that Italy is the first country in Europe and the third country in the world to consume more bottled water? pollution caused by transport in supermarkets, but also because it often contains the dreaded microplastics that we have already mentioned. Tap water undergoes many more checks than bottled water, so it is safe and above all ... it is cheaper! that the water from your local aqueduct does not taste good, or if you prefer to have the security of a filtered and purified water, you can use a filter jug. You will drastically reduce your consumption of plastic (the filter is changed once a month!) and you won't have to carry all those bottles every time you go shopping. Remember to bring a bottle full of filtered water with you when you leave the house!

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5. Biodegradable cotton buds


How many times has it happened to us to find used cotton swabs (how disgusting!) On the water's edge and in the most unthinkable places? Unfortunately, many people throw them in the toilet and do not care about the effects that these small accessories can have on the ecosystem, especially the marine one. Fortunately, there are many brands that now produce biodegradable ear sticks made of 100% cotton or made of bamboo. It takes very little to respect the environment!

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