How to turn a man on: foreplay and tricks to turn up the temperatures

If the mission is to make desire grow to its maximum power, we must know well what and how to excite a man. We are not just talking about stimulating the partner's libido, that anyone can do it: a plunging neckline, a mischievous look, a pair of crossed legs are enough. slow and progressive stimulation, which will make him forget all the previous excitements, a invitation to pleasure which will literally make him lose his mind.

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How to excite a man mentally: create the situation

To turn a man on, learn to do things calmly and don't forget that waiting stimulates the senses. Have him sit on the bed and prevent him from touching you. Sit on a chair and do a little striptease, but long enough to be effective. make it even more sensual, look at the lingerie! Here are some sexy but refined suggestions. Then start caressing you slowly, looking him in the eye from time to time. Men are obsessed with the idea of ​​female masturbation, something they do not possess, cannot govern and which literally drives them out of their minds. You can choose when to approach the bed and put an end to his delicious suffering.

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Let the desire pass from your eyes: choose the right position

In the "man the desire passes through the eyes. So why deprive him of this pleasure? Don't turn off the light (light a few candles instead) and let yourself be watched. Choose exciting positions: arch your back, spread your legs slightly, hold your breasts in your arms, and don't close your eyes: enjoy the show too! The meeting of the glances is a real stimulant. If you want to stretch it completely and continue to excite the gaze too, propose to make love in front of the mirror

Make your man horny with words

Everything is in the "express your wishes and your pleasure. Vocal stimuli stimulate the partner.
For the more timid, sighs and simple directions are already a big step.
The most daring will utter cries of pleasure and will be more explicit: "I love when you caress my breasts, I love when you touch my buttocks ..."

By getting involved in the situation you will easily lose your inhibitions and you will both gain. Your partner, encouraged and flattered by your attitude, will be more enthusiastic and enterprising. The moans of pleasure or the words, even crude, of the partner are very exciting for a man.
And you will not lose anything because you will no longer feel compelled to grit your teeth when he, thinking he is doing the right thing, massages your breasts as if he were rubbing the sink!

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Turn your man on with foreplay - consider the whole body

The lips, the neck and, for some men, the ears, are real fuses of pleasure. And don't forget the inner thighs, where the skin is very thin, the nipples and buttocks, which we love to look at, but which we must also caress. Try to touch these areas with different types of pressure: start lightly, touch with your fingers. fingers and the tip of the tongue; slowly move on to more intense pressures, alternating caresses and massages. If you have any perfumed oil or lubricating gel, do not hesitate to use it. Your man will go crazy with pleasure in bed!

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Consider point G

Thousands of pleasure receptors are concentrated in the penis. In it you can distinguish several parts: the base of the penis which must be touched firmly, the shaft of the penis, which appreciates any type of caress, the crown, the skin circumference that separates the shaft from the glans, which is an area extremely sensitive; the foreskin, the thin layer of skin that covers the glans when the penis is at rest and that leaves it uncovered during erection, the frenulum, the fillet of skin that joins the glans to the foreskin. The glans, comparable to the clitoris, is very sensitive to manual and oral caresses. Due to the sensitivity of this part of the penis, fellatio is the perfect weapon to raise temperatures and make your man super excited.

As for the testicles, some men like it to be touched and licked, while other men can't stand being near them. Another very sensitive point is the membrane of the perineum, the thin flap of skin between the anus and the genitals. It is an area often neglected, but short pressures exerted with the fingertips, during a fellatio, trigger the orgasm.

The anus, still a taboo area for some, is a true paradise for others. In fact, in men the mythical G-spot is located near the urethra and prostate, inside the rectum, on the inner wall, the one that separates the body of the penis from the anus. In short, it is not easy to reach, but with a little training everything is possible.
Basically, by inserting a finger into your partner's anus, you slowly go up the rectal wall. Do you feel a small bump, the size of a peanut? That is the G-spot. The pressures in this area must be firm but not abrupt.

When the situation is really hot and your man is completely at the mercy of your gestures, here are some tips on how to proceed

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