How to forget about a guy you haven't been with

In everyone's life there is certainly someone with whom we have shared time, but not enough. Things have never really gotten serious and yet, despite this, we keep tossing and turning in the sheets thinking about it.
Unexpressed feelings can be an obstacle to overcome and certainly there would be no problem if we owned a garment like this ...

  1. · 1. Remember lost time
  2. · 2. Don't try to win
  3. · 3. "What if ...?"
  4. · 4. Check it out on social media
  5. · 5. Think about why it didn't work

1. Remember lost time

You went out a couple of times, you kissed and maybe you spent the night together: and then? And then you wished you could have figured out which direction you were going when he wasn't clear and just stood still while you went on. Is it worth it to stay stuck in the past and risk losing what the future offers us?

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2. Don't try to win

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We are the biggest opponents of ourselves and we find ourselves competing alone, with the knowledge that at the end of the competition our muscles will hurt twice as much. If it didn't work, let it go.
Love is not a competition and the fact that you failed to steal his heart must not diminish you: take your hand back and get back on track!

3. "What if ...?"

Stop playing the "What if ...?" because it could turn into a very dangerous weapon. You find yourself in a loop of questions that will never be answered and you end up hurting yourself a lot, too much.
Free your mind from all possible scenarios and take life for what it is: if it didn't happen, most likely, it is precisely because it shouldn't have happened.

4. Check it out on social media

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Unlike what you might think, at the beginning it is good not to delete it from all existing social networks. First of all, there is no need to appear excessively resentful and, second, you would end up inventing creative ways to spy on it, with fake profiles and consenting friends. A photo of him every now and then can't hurt too much and, if not ... You can always run for cover!

5. Think about why it didn't work

What good has it brought to your life? Was it worth it compared to the time you are using to imagine how it could have gone?
In love, one cannot be alone. There will be times when one is more present than the other, but the couple is a small army of two people. If before going into battle with you she pulls herself and makes you fight alone ...
You have not lost anything.

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